You Can’t Be Fierce Towards Me! Chapter 99 Part 1/3

Half of May had passed when the new rice shop opened. Fu Tian started to get busy with the rice shop. Fu Rice Shop didn’t have any reputation in Qingyang. Most people who didn’t know who the boss of the rice shop was wouldn’t pay attention to the rice shop. Fu Tian thus turned his attention to the Zhou, Wei, and Nie families.

Only two seasons were suitable for rice in Qingyang. May was a good time for seeding and planting. With the idea in mind of not letting fertile water flow into others’ fields, Fu Tian divided most of the new rice seeds to Zhou Chuanqing and the others.

Wei Yang and the others never paid any attention to their farmsteads. They were confused when they were suddenly called over by Fu Tian. “Why do you care about new rice seeds?”

Fu Tian was afraid of exposing himself if he explained too much. He could only say vaguely, “It’s randomly cultivated. It produces a higher rice yield and it’s drought resistant. I have this much. Divide it and let your farmsteads plant them.”

The three people didn’t have any deep thoughts. Since Fu Tian was giving it to them, then they were his kind intentions. They didn’t ask too many questions and cheerfully accepted the seeds. They said they were going to tell someone from farmsteads to pick the rice seeds up so they could plant them.

Zhou Chuanqing had stayed the longest in Sifang Town. Fu Tian used to be entirely focused on the farmsteads. He bought land, dug ditches, improved rice output, seemed to attach great importance to food production, and hoarded food. All of these things made him vaguely think of something. But he thought carefully about it and he still couldn’t understand.

People from the three families’ farmsteads came the next day to bring the rice seeds back. With these three families taking the lead, it would be much easier to advertise the new rice seeds after this season’s harvest.

When Fu Tian was finally finished with the rice shop’s matters, construction was finished on Marquis Kangle fu.

The slightly old fu was renovated. Dust and fallen leaves were all cleaned up. The faded doors were painted with bright vermilion laquer. The new black plaque with gold writing hung high above the door. The words “Marquis Kangle fu” that the Emperor wrote were grand and imposing.

After the work was completed, the Ministry of Works had Fu Tian inspect the fu. Fu Tian was satisfied after he walked around.

The Ministry of Works did its best. Fu Tian had Daifu give a monetary reward to the leader and politely sent them away.

Now, he had to pick a good day for his housewarming.

The housewarming wasn’t overly extravagant. Fu Tian originally wanted to invite only a few familiar friends over. However, just because he wanted to keep a low profil, that didn’t mean that other people didn’t want to be friends with him.

On the day of the housewarming, the stewards of various families came with congratulatory gifts. People came one after another with a feeling of it turning into a market.

Zhou Chuanqing and the others had come early. They were all drinking in the garden at the moment. Zhou Chuanqing waved his hand. He looked at the distance very absentmindedly. Wei Yang had to call him twice before he came back to his senses.

Wei Yang was displeased. “What are you dazing out for?”

Zhou Chuanqing glanced at him and said calmly, “Of course I’m thinking about a beautiful woman.”

The front yard was filled with male guests, so it wasn’t convenient for Fu Shuyue to come out. At this moment, she was probably in the inner courtyard and wouldn’t come out.

Zhou Chuanqing originally thought that he might meet her by chance in the garden, but this Marquis fu was much bigger than the Fu residence. Let’s not talk about meeting in the garden by chance, but he didn’t even know were Fu Shuyue’s courtyard was.

Zhou Chuanqing sighed very dejectedly.


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