You Can’t Be Fierce Towards Me! Chapter 88 Part 1/3

“Hmm?” Chu XiangTian stopped moving and looked around vigilantly. “There’s no one around.”

Then he leaned over and kissed Fu Tian’s lips lightly. “Are you shy? What are you shy about? This is something I specifically got from the imperial physicians in the Palace. You have to use it every day.”

Chu XiangTian rubbed his forehead against Fu Tian’s. He continued to gently say, “You’re still young, so you won’t get hurt with this. It’s also easier in the future…… to relax.”

Fu Tian’s face was so red that it was about to drip blood. He looked like he wanted to die from embarrassment. But he still clutched his clothing and his other hand hand was in Chu XiangTian’s hand. He couldn’t reach out to cover his mouth, so he could only beg for mercy with a red nose and eyes. “Not here. They’ll see it…… The flowers……”

“Flowers?” Chu XiangTian looked back at the flowers behind him. It was winter now, so he had collected all these flowers with difficulty to mimic an indoor garden. He looked down in his arms at the little Shaoye biting his lips in embarrassment. He whispered, “Why are you so shy? Not even the flowers? You weren’t like this before……”

He didn’t finish speaking when the embarrassed Fu Tian reached out and covered his mouth. Fu Tian felt the heat in his cheeks rush to his head. He said angrily, “You – Don’t speak nonsense!! They can really understand what we’re saying.”

The happy plants that were watching a good show all turned silent: “……”

Chu XiangTian’s forehead slowly wrinkled into a “川” character. “How do you know that they can understand?”

Fu Tian pursed his lips and whispered, “Because I can understand them……”

Chu XiangTian froze for a while. He sighed when he could react. “When did it start? Does it affect your body? Does anyone else know?”

He asked a few questions in one go. Fu Tian was dazed for a moment before he reacted. When he explained his rebirth, he forgot to tell Chu XiangTian about this. He shrunk his beck and secretly pulled his clothing back on. “It started when I was reborn. There’s no effect on my body and my health seemed to be a lot better. I only told you.”

Chu XiangTian’s heart softened at the words “I only told you.” His solemn expression eased. “It’s good that there are no negative effects on your body.”

Fu Tian went, “En.” He pushed Chu XiangTian away, so he could fasten his belt.

Chu XiangTian didn’t move. He looked back at the plants that weren’t any different from before. He blocked the little Shaoye and personally helped him put on his clothing that Chu XiangTian had taken off piece by piece.

Then he carefully picked the little Shaoye up. He secretly swore that he wouldn’t do something like this again.

It was dark outside. Chu XiangTian carried him into the main room and went back to bring the balm from the guest room.

Fu Tian had already changed clothing and was lying underneath the quilt. He saw what was in his hand and sat up vigilantly. He stammered in protest. “I don’t want to use that!”

Chu XiangTian clicked his tongue. They were the only ones in the room, so he wasn’t embarrassed to say, “But I’m too big. I will hurt you if we don’t make some preparations.”

Fu Tian: “……”

He shrunk back again. “I don’t want to……”

Chu XiangTian saw how decisive the little Shaoye looked. He couldn’t force him, so he put the balm down. He went over and pulled him into his arms. He told him everything the imperial physician had said.

Fu Tian turned red. He secretly compared his and Chu XiangTian’s and finally nodded.


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