You Can’t Be Fierce Towards Me! Chapter 8 Part 3/5

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Sifang Town’s Fu family had a lot of businesses and deep roots. Although the name was changed to “Wen” now, they still could not be underestimated.

Holding Wen Tian captive on the mountain was to force the Wen family to go to the government and send troops.

Two town’s soldiers were not enough, so they could only transfer some from the gold mine. Chu XiangTian’s men could then take advantage of it.

The series of plans went very smoothly. The only surprising variable was Wen Tian.

Chu XiangTian did not think that this delicate little Shaoye could actually avoid his men and run all the way to the back of the mountain.

His hand moved the black hair on Wen Tian’s cheek behind his ear. Chu XiangTian looked at the trembling eyelashes and slightly sighed. “You’re afraid I won’t let you go, so you escaped by yourself? Do you know how many dangerous animals there are in the back of the mountain?”

Wen Tian had his eyes closed and did not answer, but his eyelashes trembled harder.

Looking at his pitiful appearance, Chu XiangTian couldn’t bear to frighten him anymore. He hooked his arm behind Wen Tian’s legs and carried him in his arms. He carried the person back with big steps back towards the fortress.

They left behind the stupefied Zhou Chuanqing and his companions.

After a while, a man couldn’t help but ask, “Was that… was that Ye’s [lord, master, sir] little lover? Were they having a disagreement?”

Zhou Chuanqing gave them an inscrutable and meaningful look. He clasped his hands behind his back and left.

He didn’t know right now, but looking at the situation, they certainly would be.

Chu XiangTian carried Wen Tian back. Wen Tian was shorter than him by a head and smaller than him by a circle, so he felt very light in his arms. Carrying him securely in his arms, Chu XiangTian looked towards the sky. He thought it through. He felt that he needed to tell him the truth. The little shaoye seemed to be terrified.


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