You Can’t Be Fierce Towards Me! Chapter 8 Part 2/5

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The struggles in his arms gradually stopped. Wen Tian was exhausted from the struggling. He almost couldn’t hang on anymore. Chu XiangTian still firmly held him, as if Wen Tian’s attack didn’t affect him at all.

Wen Tian’s struggles were fruitless. He looked at the man’s sharp facial features under the moonlight and he finally closed his eyes in despair.

Seeing he didn’t struggle anymore, Chu XiangTian originally let out a relieved sigh. But he saw that streams of tears came out of Wen Tian’s closed eyes. Unlike his previous loud crying, Wen Tian bit his lips and quietly cried without making a sound.

“Don’t cry.” Those tears seemed to scald his heart. Chu XiangTian, somewhat flustered, wiped Wen Tian’s tears off. He carelessly rubbed, but saw the injuries on Wen Tian’s face. Chu XiangTian could only halt his hand in surprise.

He did not expect that Wen Tian would be scared into such a state.

Holding Wen Tian captive on the mountain was an accident, but it was also a great opportunity for him.

The new Emperor ascended to the throne for three years. The imperial court and people’s hearts were not stable. To establish a solid foundation, it was necessary to find the lead chicken and kill it in front of that monkey that was doing too much. Chu XiangTian came to Sifang Town to “kill that chicken.”

*[“Killing a chicken to scare a monkey” is an idiom, meaning to make an example out of someone to threaten others.]

In the second year of the Ping Dynasty, a gold mine was discovered where the Nanming and Xingdong regions meet. The magistrate there was from Second Wangzi’s [prince, usually sons of the Emperor] faction. When they found the gold mine, they didn’t report it and began to secretly mine.

There was no wall on earth that was impermeable. The news spread to the Emperor and he was furious. But he could not find a reliable person, so he secretly summoned Chu XiangTian back from the border. Chu XiangTian transformed into a small Sifang Town’s bandit to collect proof of the region’s senior provincial official’s criminal activities and to ascertain the location of the gold mine and the exact amount of gold.

The gold mining was done very secretly and kept under tight defense. Chu XiangTian had never found a way to avoid the others and investigate. Wen Tian’s accidental kidnapping gave him an opportunity.

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