You Can’t Be Fierce Towards Me! Chapter 8 Part 1/5

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After limping forwards through a section of narrow path, Wen Tian could see the calm river in front. He slightly gasped and rubbed his painful waist. He continued to walk after regaining a little strength.

He hadn’t taken two steps, when a voice came from behind him that made his nerves tremble.

“Wen Tian?” Chu XiangTian shouted and walked towards him.

Wen Tian felt a cold feeling from the soles of his feet and cooled his heart. He was stiff for a moment, before he slowly turned around. He looked in disbelief at the Chu XiangTian who came over. Behind Chu XiangTian, Zhou Chuanqing and two men were watching.

He was full of hope that he could escape, but was discovered by them in the end. Wen Tian’s mouth was filled with bitterness and felt utter despair. If he was really captured by them again, he may never go back home.

Chu XiangTian was coming closer and closer. When he clearly saw Wen Tian’s face full of fear and despair, he finally realized something. He stopped his movements and explained, “I’m not here to ca…”

He hadn’t finished speaking when Wen Tian suddenly turned around and ran towards the river. His legs should be injured because his running posture was awkward. But even so, Wen Tian did not stop. He was like a rabbit forced to the extreme, which gathered all its energy to escape.

The river was in front. Chu XiangTian was afraid that something would happen, so he ran in big strides and caught him. Wen Tian was half carried in his arms. He felt all his blood rushed to his brain and crazily thrashed and struggled.

Chu XiangTian was afraid that he would hurt himself, so he could only use more strength to lock him in, while softly comforting him.

But Wen Tian had been frightened silly. He clawed and bit. He simply did not listen and despairingly wanted to break free from his confinement.

Chu XiangTian hugged him close and let him beat him. Wen Tian firmly bit his chest and wouldn’t let go. A pair of beautiful eyes was bloodshot and tears flowed.

Chu XiangTian was in so much pain that he coldly hissed. He patted Wen Tian’s back comfortingly. He thought that this little Shaoye had good teeth. Ouch…


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