You Can’t Be Fierce Towards Me! Chapter 79 Part 3/4

The sleepy little Shaoye immediately became alert. “What bad thing did you do?”

Chu XiangTian didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. “Do I seem like a person who would do bad things?”

Fu Tian whispered, “You don’t seem. You are.”

Chu XiangTian gently patted his head. He slowly said, “It’s almost the winter solstice. I have to go back.”

Every winter solstice, fromn the imperial family at the top to the common people at the bottom needed to offer sacrifices to ancestors. The Emperor had to personally go to the Imperial Tombs to offer sacrifices. As the Third Wangye, Chu XiangTian naturally needed to be there.

But there was another important reason for him to rush back this year. He had to prepare the betrothal gifts, so that his future mother-in-law could rest assured.

His Wang fu had been restored a few years ago. His Muhou looked forward every year for someone to move in. His imperial brother’s children were everywhere, but Yu Wang fu was still empty without any trace of personality.

With the current situation, Chu XiangTian pondered that the Wang fu would continue to be empty. The Fu Manor was here, so the little Shaoye certainly wouldn’t be assured to follow him to the capital. So the best thing to do was to move Yu Wang fu over here.

He was thinking and Fu Tian shifted unhappily. He lowered his eyes and played with Chu XiangTian’s fingers. “Then when are you coming back?”

They were always together, but now he suddenly said that they would separate. Fu Tian finally reacted. He originally planned that they would spend his birthday and then the Spring Festival together……

Chu XiangTian did some calculations. He needed ten or fifteen days before he would come back. But fortunately, he could rish back before December 9.

“I’ll try to come back before your birthday.” He smiled as if he could tell what the little Shaoye was thinking.

Fu Tian froze before sitting up straight. “Aren’t you staying in the capital for New Year’s?”

Chu XiangTian shook his head. “I was guarding the border for a few years and didn’t always go back to Qingyang for New Year’s. I finally got a wife with so much difficulty. My wife is naturally more important.”

Fu Tian was hesitant and a little happy. “Is that good?” After all, he sounded a bit like a vixen who had mesmerized the Wangye into not going back for New Year’s and such.

Chu XiangTian lightly clicked his tongue. “What’s not good about it? Every New Year’s, my imperial brother and sister-in-law will be all lovey-dovey and Muhou will look after her two grandchildren. Whether I’m there or not makes no difference.”

Perhaps she could even eat two more bowls of rice if he wasn’t there. After all, his Muhou had to worry about when he would get a wife every year.

Fu Tian still looked hesitant. Chu XiangTian found it amusing and couldn’t help but tease him. “Why don’t you come back with me then?”

Fu Tian rolled his eyes at him. He muttered, “If you can convince my mother, then I will go back with you.”

Chu XiangTian choked. He decisively changed the topic. He picked Fu Tian up. “Didn’t you say that you’re sleepy? I’ll carry you back to sleep.”

Fu Tian buried his face in his chest and smiled.



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