You Can’t Be Fierce Towards Me! Chapter 78 Part 3/3

However, when Fu Tian came out, Chu XiangTian’s cold aura suddenly dissipated, as if winter had passed and it was the warm and pleasant spring.

Chu XiangTian’s smile reached his eyes. “Are you done talking?”

Fu Tian clasped his hands behind his back and solemnly went, “En.”

Chu XiangTian’s heart jumped, but he still smiled and rubbed Fu Tian’s head. “It’s okay. I’ll find a way. Auntie will agree one day.”

“En. You have to do well.” Fu Tian stopped being solemn and smiled. “Otherwise, mother won’t agree to you entering the Fu door.”

Chu XiangTian, who was pondering how to comfort him, froze. He suddenly realized. “Auntie doesn’t object?”

Fu Tian glanced at him and said angrily, “Mother is very unhappy with her daughter-in-law’s identity. She said that she needs to observe you some more.”

This was much better than he had expected. Chu XiangTian smiled and led him back. “Then I’ll find a way to make her happy.”

Fu Tian’s hand was wrapped in his hand and it soon turned warm. It was close to November now and the weather was cold. But he didn’t feel cold at all when they were holding hands.

October silently left. November came with cold winds. The heat in the air completely dissipated and left behind desolate trees and cold wind.

Fu Tian changed into a warm and thick cotton coat. Chu XiangTian always wrapped him up like a round bear when he left the house. Winter in the south wasn’t very cold, but cold air still drilled through the clothing and into the bones.

Fu Tian caught a cold in the beginning of winter. Since then, Chu XiangTian was used to wrapping him in a thick cloak before he left the house.

After Fu Tian went out that day, Zhou Chuanqing, who had been out of sight for a while, suddenly came over.

He had just left the garden, where the wind was very strong. His lips were blue after staying there for a while. But the smile on his face couldn’t be suppressed.

Chu XiangTian glanced at him. “Don’t smile anymore. Do you know what you look like now?” He didn’t wait for Zhou Chuanqing to reply before he continued, “You look like the fool who always drools and laughs when he sees people on East Street.”

Zhou Chuanqing didn’t get angry. It seemed that something good had happened. He happily took out a note from his sleeve and showed it to Chu XiangTian.

The note was the size of half a palm and tied with a red ribbon on top. There were two tiny rows of words written on it. Chu XiangTian was about to take a closer look, but Zhou Chuanqing took it back like a treasure. Chu XiangTian only had time to see that there were two different handwritings on it. The familiar handwriting belonged to Zhou Chuanqing, but he didn’t know who the other one belonged to.

“What is this?”

Zhou Chuanqing looked proud. “A poem I wrote. Do you know who wrote the next line?”

Zhou Chuanqing’s face looked like that, so Chu XiangTian could guess it even with his toes. “Fu Xiaojie wrote it?”

Zhou Chuanqing nodded and looked at him with a “At least you’re smart” expression.

There was an old tree in the garden between the front yard and the back yard. Fu Shuyue frequently went to sit under the tree. After seeing this from afar a few times, Zhou Chuanqing had written his poems on paper and hung them on the tree with red ribbons.

The notes on the tree increased more and more, but Fu Shuyue hadn’t replied even once. When Zhou Chuanqing held no more hope as he wandered around the tree, he suddenly noticed a note with a row of delicate and small words on it.

It was Fu Shuyue’s handwriting!


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