You Can’t Be Fierce Towards Me! Chapter 7 Part 5/5

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He inhaled and his taut nerves relaxed a little. He then felt that his cheeks were tingling in pain. He reached up to touch and discovered that there were some cuts on his face. They should have been caused by tree branches. He was too nervous and didn’t even notice it.

He breathed deeply. Wen Tia sniffed and kept moving forwards. After he emerged from the woods, the path was more difficult to walk on. The path became steeper and steeper and the ground was covered with protruding rocks.

He carefully groped the rocks and climbed down. As he was about to reach the end, Wen Tian accidentally stepped on a rock. His body twisted and rolled uncontrollably downwards.

Wen Tian subconsciously covered his head. Scattered gravel rolled down with him. His body knocked against the protruding rocks in pain. After a few rolls, Wen Tian landed with a “bang” on the ground. His whole body was stunned silly.

His head was dizzy and his body throbbed in pain. He lay there for a long time to recover and barely held his body up. Limping forward, he heard gurgling water sounds. The river shouldn’t be far from him.


“What’s that sound?” Chu XiangTian raised his hand alertly to halt the dialogue. He walked outside the cave.

The cave behind him was dark and gloomy. Weapons were hung on the rock walls. Zhou Chuanqing and two men followed and went out with Chu XiangTian. The back of the mountain was where they hid their soldiers. Even the people in the fortress didn’t know that there was such a cave. Who would come here in the middle of the night?

Chu XiangTian deeply furrowed his brows. His body emitted a murderous aura that was not present in the daytime. He looked at where the rocks tumbled down and where the noise came from. Chu XiangTian looked at the spatter of dark blood on the rocks and slightly narrowed his eyes. “Someone came down.”

Following the footprints on the ground, Chu XiangTian could see a far-away thin figure limping towards the river.

He narrowed his eyes as he carefully identified the figure. A long time later, he finally determined that the man cutting a sorry figure was Wen Tian.


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