You Can’t Be Fierce Towards Me! Chapter 7 Part 4/5

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That was one less threat. Wen Tian was secretly pleased. He patiently waited for the latter part of the night for everyone to be asleep. He pushed open his window and cautiously crept out.

Xiao Qiao was in the room opposite his, so his actions were light. He closed the window and went towards the direction of the fields in the dark.

The whole fortress was pitch-black. Fortunately, the moon was big and round. The bright moonlight illuminated the road under his feet.

He carefully left the house behind. Then Wen Tian turned his head back to take a look. He ascertained that he did not attract any attention and ran towards the fields.

The fields had freshly dug soil. Wen Tian’s feet stepped onto the soft soil and was covered in mud. He couldn’t care about that so he gritted his teeth and kept on running forwards.

He stopped for a moment only when he couldn’t run anymore. Then he continued forwards.

He ran breathlessly for an indeterminate amount of time. Wen Tian finally arrived near the woods. As long as he go through the woods and followed the river, he would be home.

He couldn’t be tired. Wen Tian wiped the sweat off his face. He used his teeth to tear off pieces of cloth from his wide sleeves. He ran too urgently and the soles of his shoes were worn through. His feet were burning with pain.

He wrapped the cloth around his feet and with bright eyes, Wen Tian continued to trot towards the woods. He didn’t have time to be afraid of the dark woods.

The woods were much darker than the fields because there were no trees shading them. Wen Tian used the dim moonlight to make out directions. If he really couldn’t find the road, he would ask the plants or trees for directions. After asking a lot of them, eventually some bold ones would answer him.

Wen Tian fumbled around like this and finally went through the woods and arrived at the back of the mountain.


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