You Can’t Be Fierce Towards Me! Chapter 7 Part 3/5

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Wen Tian breathlessly ran back to Xiao Qiao’s house. He slammed the door shut and leaning against it, panting. When Chu XiangTian leaned close, Wen Tian’s goosebumps were raised. That man was so aggressive. Wen Tian couldn’t cope with it. The first time they met, Wen Tian thought he was a murderous bandit leader. He later changed his mind when Chu XiangTian helped him apply medicinal liquid. He thought that maybe he wasn’t so bad.

But after today, Wen Tian thought that that person was too fickle. He could turn on you at anytime.

Wen Tian patted his chest to calm himself down. He had to find a way to escape. Chu XiangTian’s promise might not be reliable.

At this time, the men in the fortress were patrolling and defending at the front of the mountain. The old, weak, women, and children did not leave the house. Wen Tian seriously pondered a bit. He thought he could think of a plan related the back of the mountain.

During the past few days, he went all over the fortress. Other than the back of the mountain, people were patrolling from all sides. It wasn’t very probable that he could sneak out from underneath all the bandits’ noses.

The back of the mountain was connected to the farming fields and a dense forest. As long as he went through it, he would certainly find a way to descend the mountain.

After he made up his mind, Wen Tian walked around the fields seemingly unintentionally, the next few days. When there was no one around, he took the opportunity to gather information from the wild plants around the fields. But these plants were very timid. Once Wen Tian started asking them questions, they all stayed quiet. Only one or two bolder plants kindly told Wen Tian some information.

For example, there was a river through the woods behind the fields.

Wen Tian was surprised. There was only one river through the mountain range: the Sihu River. Sihu River was connected to Sifang Town and Lehe Town. As long as he followed the river, he could escape from this place.

On the day he made his move, Wen Tian pretended that he needed to find Chu XiangTian for something. He went to find Changxi for information. Changxi was not guarded against him and told him everything. Chu XiangTian was not in the fortress tonight.

Changxi did not know where he went.


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