You Can’t Be Fierce Towards Me! Chapter 7 Part 2/5

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As Changxi was taking Wen Tian back to the fortress, they encountered Chu XiangTian halfway. Changxi reported the day’s progress to Chu XiangTian. He overtly and covertly praised himself a lot. Wen Tian didn’t seem as if he saw a person in front of him. He went around Chu XiangTian and kept walking.

Chu XiangTian: “……”

Leaving behind Changxi, who was still chattering on about his own merits, Chu XiangTian hurried to catch up to Wen Tian. He blocked his way again.

Wen Tian ignored him and went to the left. But Chu XiangTian was faster than him. He took a step to the left and blocked him. Wen Tian moved to the right and Chu XiangTian followed in going to the right.

Wen Tian: “………….”

He was angered until his cheeks reddened. He glared fiercely and angrily at Chu XiangTian.

“You’re finally looking at me.” Chu XiangTian smiled. “And I thought I was transparent.”

Wen Tian was angry that he couldn’t kick him, but he didn’t dare to really have a direct confrontation with Chu XiangTian. He could only fiercely curse him a hundred times in his heart. He didn’t speak.

The two people faced each other in a stalemate. Finally, Chu XiangTian moved to untie the rope around Wen Tian’s hands. He was very close. Once he bent his head, he could smell the light fragrance emitting from Wen Tian’s body. The fragrance was very light, similar to honey and smelled sweet. Chu XiangTian subconsciously leaned in closer. He was about to nudge Wen Tian’s neck. His breath landed on Wen Tian’s ear as he spoke. “What did you put on your body? It’s really fragrant.”

Wen Tian twisted his body to avoid him. Once his hands were untied, he immediately gave him a hard push, kicked him in the leg, and called him a scoundrel. Then he turned and ran away.

“He called me a scoundrel?” Chu XiangTian touched his leg. He looked in disbelief at Changxi.

Although Changxi was silly, he was not blind. He honestly said, “You were about to kiss his neck.”

Chu XiangTian: “……”

Chu XiangTian stared at Changxi. Then he pointed at him. “You talk too much.”


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