You Can’t Be Fierce Towards Me! Chapter 6 Part 8/8

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Chu XiangTian went to the main hall.

The others went to defend the fortress against any surprise attacks by the soldiers. Only Zhou Chuanqing was inside at the moment. He had on a set of dull gray and inconspicuous clothing.

Zhou Chuanqing reported the situation, “Spies report that half of their manpower is moved.”

“Good. Is everything ready?”

Zhou Chuanqing: “I will personally take people over this time. Nothing will go wrong.”

Chu XiangTian nodded and patted his shoulder. “Be careful.”

After a short conversation, Zhou Chuanqing quickly left. Chu XiangTian’s hands were behind his back. He looked at the sky and slowly walked over.

After Wen Tian followed Changxi outside the fortress, Changxi changed his attitude and apologized. Then he pushed Wen Tian. Wen Tian could not react and stumbled forwards. He awkwardly steadied his body.

Changxi looked fierce and he rudely pushed Wen Tian forwards. At the foot of the mountain, he pulled on the rope binding Wen Tian’s hands and they stopped moving.

It was West Mountain’s mountain crossing in front of them. The topography was high. Both sides were steep rocks. One could only pass on the two roads in front and behind it. The back road was obstructed, so one could only rely on the suspension bridge. The suspension bridge was usually retracted for West Mountain Fortress’ self-preservation. The road in front of the mountain was connected to West Mountain Fortress and was steep and narrow. It was hard to descend, but even harder to ascend.

This terrain was difficult to attack. The soldiers did not dare to act rashly. Both sides could only confront each other at the mountain crossing.

Changxi stood with Wen Tian in the middle. He waved his hand. Someone pushed two mighty stone catapults over behind him.

The wheels of the catapults let out slight vibrations as they passed. Wen Tian was shocked. He started violently struggling. “This isn’t what Chu XiangTian said. My mother is still down there!”

The two sides were not close, but Wen Tian could still see that Fu Youqin was in the middle of the soldiers. He originally thought that he was enacting a play with Chu XiangTian, but they had pushed the catapults out now. West Mountain Fortress occupied higher terrain. If rocks were really catapulted down, the casualties would not be little. His mother was in danger.

Changxi was startled by his violent struggling. He could only forcefully stop him from moving. Wen Tian tried to kick him and run away. But Changxi was too strong and quickly subdued him.

Seeing him struggle so much, Changxi could only whisper in explanation, “Laoda moved them out to scare them.”


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