You Can’t Be Fierce Towards Me! Chapter 6 Part 7/8

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After returning to Xiao Qiao’s house, he discovered that Chu XiangTian was already waiting for him.

“Why did Dangjia come here?” He wanted to ask about Sifang Town’s situation, but stopped at the last moment. He was securely settled in the fortress. There was no way he should know about the situation outside.

Chu XiangTian said, “Your parents brought soldiers to the mountain.”

Wen Tian’s eyelids jumped. He drily said “Oh.”

Chu XiangTian smiled teasingly, “Afraid?”

Wen Tian lowered his eyes and did not speak. He silently agreed with his actions.

“Don’t worry, nothing will happen.” Chu XiangTian stood up and lowered his head to look at him. “But I need a small favor from you.”

“What can I help with?” Wen Tian was puzzled.

Chu XiangTian stopped smiling. He whispered, “Excuse me.” Then he tied Wen Tian up.

Wen Tian’s hands were tied behind his back. He struggled and looked panicked. “What do you want to do?!”

Chu XiangTian loosened the carefully-combed hair. He randomly draped it behind Wen Tian’s back. He scrutinized in satisfaction for a moment. “Go out and walk around with Changxi. They wouldn’t dare to act rashly.”

Wen Tian turned to look at him. His heart was playing drums. The previous trust he had in Chu XiangTian collapsed again. “You said you would let me go home.”

Chu XiangTian was amused. He patted his head. “It seems I must personally send you back to Wen fu for you to believe me.”

“Laoda.” Changxi came in from outside. “The soldiers are still surrounding us.”

“Have someone pull the catapults out. Walk around with Wen Tian. Let them see him and then bring him back.”

“Okay.” Changxi did not have his usual simple and honest expression. He even looked fierce when he didn’t smile. He nodded and left with Wen Tian.


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