You Can’t Be Fierce Towards Me! Chapter 6 Part 6/8

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Chu XiangTian did not hesitate. “A letter is fine, but your mother may not believe it.”

Wen Tian stared blankly before finally reacting. He was in the bandits’ nest. Even if Chu XiangTian sent a letter to his mother, his mother presumably wouldn’t believe it. She would think he wrote it under duress and be even more worried.

“Then your words still count?”

Chu XiangTian looked mockingly at him. “You don’t believe me? When the things are completed, I’ll personally send you home.”

He deliberately dragged his words out. His words contained some ambiguity. But Wen Tian was in no mood to play with him. He thought about his mother and jiejie and shook his head in refusal. “Take me to the foot of the mountain. I will return by myself.” West Mountain Fortress wasn’t some benevolent establishment. He didn’t want people to think he had some relation with them.

After being rejected so thoroughly, Chu XiangTian clicked his tongue and didn’t say anymore.

After eating lunch, Wen Tian returned alone. Chu XiangTian seemed to be very busy today. After eating halfway, someone shouted for him. He then left in a hurry. Wen Tian faintly heard the words “Lehe Town” and “Sifang Town.” He speculated it should have something to do with the collaboration against the bandits.

The time in the fortress passed slowly and peacefully. After that day at lunch, Wen Tian did not see Chu XiangTian again. He had already gone to all the places that he could go to in the fortress. He also found a lot of plants that could speak. Fine. Wen Tian pretended to sit on the grass and bask in the sunlight, but was actually listening to the plants chat.

After listening for most of the day, the plants mainly discussed the weather and whether there was enough the rainfall. But he also heard some useful information.

For example, the plants said that lots of people came to the foot of the mountain recently and surrounded the mountain. They said that the people all held torches. The plants were afraid that they would burn down the mountain.

Wen Tian thought they must be soldiers who had already spent a night on the mountain. Such a huge force should be a combination of Sifang Town and Lehe Town’s soldiers.

He stood up and patted off the leaves on his body. He wanted to ask Chu XiangTian about the situation.


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