You Can’t Be Fierce Towards Me! Chapter 6 Part 5/8

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Wen Tian tilted his head to the side. He asked in surprise, “Can I?”

“There’s nothing you can’t hear.”

Chu XiangTian started telling him about the situation in Sifang Town.

After Wen Tian was kidnapped from West Mountain, the wedding procession went directly back to the Wen family. The Wen family went to a government official. But Sifang Town was a small place and not many soldiers were stationed there. They would be helpless going against the West Mountain’s bandits.

“I heard your mother put pressure on the Jiao family. She wanted Lehe Town’s soldiers to collaborate to fight against the West Mountain bandits.”

Lehe Town and Sifang Town were separated by a sky towering mountain range. One group of soldiers would be helpless against the West Mountain Fortress. But two combined troops of soldiers fighting, what Wen Tian saw of, the current situation in the fortress, the bandits would be affected considerably.

“You’re not worried?” Wen Tian looked at him in surprise.

Chu XiangTian spoke of this matter like a joke. He didn’t seem to care.

Chu XiangTian raised his eyebrows and lightly smiled. His words were very arrogant. “I’m not afraid of them coming. I’m afraid of them not coming.”

Wen Tian’s fists that were hidden in his sleeves tightened. He fully understood that this person next to him was truly the leader of the bandits. He took a deep breath and asked softly, “You promised one request of mine last night. Does it still count?”

Chu XiangTian: “Naturally.”

Wen Tian pursed his lips. He probed, “Can I send a letter to my mother?”

He was kidnapped for two days and he didn’t know what kind of anxious state his mother and jiejie would be in at home. In addition, his father’s true face had not been revealed yet. Plus, since his rebirth, he discovered that none of the events kept in line with his previous life’s historical trajectory. He was really worried that his existence affected his mother and jiejie.


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