You Can’t Be Fierce Towards Me! Chapter 6 Part 4/8

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The other trees echoed his words and slowly quieted down.

Compared to the two chatty peonies, the trees seemed to be silent most of the time.

His initial shock passed and only curiosity remained. Wen Tian examined the trees in astonishment. It seemed like only he could hear the words they spoke. But he didn’t know why he was the only one who could hear them.

He habitually touched the longevity pendant around his neck. The pendant was smooth and round. It was often warm due to him playing with it. Wen Tian thought for a long time, but did not come up with anything useful. He could only put all this down to divine manifestation.

He was able to live again. Understanding what flowers and plants said wasn’t unacceptable to him.

At lunchtime, Chu XiangTian personally came to fetch Wen Tian. Xiao Qiao was not here today, so he came to take Wen Tian to eat.

Wen Tian’s feelings towards Chu XiangTian were a bit complicated. Before last night, he thought that Chu XiangTian was a fearsome bandit leader. But after last night, he didn’t think he was so frightening anymore. To really get along with him, however, didn’t seem to fit in with Wen Tian’s current situation.

Although Chu XiangTian treated him politely, but in essence, one was a bandit and one was a hostage. If he had an opportunity to choose, Wen Tian would certainly choose to run away.

Chu XiangTian did not know Wen Tian’s complex thoughts. He always liked beautiful people. Wen Tian was good-looking and suited his taste. Facing something one liked, one would certainly be more tolerant and lenient.

“Are your injuries better?”

Wen Tian finally reacted. It seemed like his back didn’t hurt much anymore. He pressed his hand on his back. There was only a dull, shallow pain. It was much better than yesterday, when his back pained as soon as he touched it.

“It doesn’t hurt much anymore.”

Chu XiangTian nodded and the two walked towards the dining hall.

On the way, Chu XiangTian casually spoke about Sifang Town. “Do you want to hear news from Sifang Town?”


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