You Can’t Be Fierce Towards Me! Chapter 6 Part 3/8

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The big tree was still shouting about its waist hurting. The tree next to it seemed to be unable to put up with it anymore and complained, “These two children have to play like this every day. Do their parents even care?!”

“Yes, yes. They’re about to pull all my leaves out.” A soft and immature voice sounded.

Wen Tian looked towards the direction of the voice. He saw a small sapling planted to the right of the big tree. It was the height of a person and there were only a few leaves on its forked branches.

Wen Tian: “……”

He looked at the two still-fighting children. The adults nearby didn’t seem to care. He thought a bit. Then he groped in his sleeve and pulled out wedding candy.

“Stop fighting. Do you want to eat candy?” Wen Tian waved the candy in front of the children. The child under the tree really stopped and looked brightly at the candy wrapped in red paper.


Wen Tian laughed and rubbed the child’s head. He gave half of the candy to him. “Okay, don’t fight anymore.”

The child held the candy happily. He thanked the gege and waved the candy proudly at Monkey who was still in the tree. He ran home holding the candy like a treasure, while shouting, “Mother, mother. I have candy!”

The Monkey in the tree was dumbfounded. He slid down the tree a little, while staring at Wen Tian’s hand.

Wen Tian beckoned towards him. The child’s eyes lit up and he quickly climbed down to stand in front of Wen Tian.

Wen Tian put the rest of the candy into the child’s hand. Then he rubbed his head and warmly said, “Go play and don’t be naughty anymore.” He thought a bit and pointed to the tree with little leaves left. “The tree will hurt too.”

Monkey slightly widened his eyes. He looked at the tree and then at Wen Tian. He said he understood and then ran away with his candy.

The big tree swayed. An elderly voice rejoiced, “He’s finally gone. Pity my poor old waist…”


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  1. sachyan December 9, 2019 / 12:48 am

    Thanks for the update! <3

    It's so cute how Wen Tian is helping the plants (^-^)

  2. vaida March 9, 2020 / 9:04 am

    I guess veganism is out…

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