You Can’t Be Fierce Towards Me! Chapter 6 Part 2/8

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Without noticing it, Wen Tian slipped into his previous life’s memories. He held his chin and daydreamed.

“Gege [literally: older brother, can be used fraternally], what are you looking at?” A thin, dark child tilted his head curiously as he looked at Wen Tian.

Wen Tian came back to earth. He smiled and waved his hand in the dining area’s direction. “I’m looking over there. Smoke is coming from the chimney. It’s time for lunch.”

The child looked towards the dining hall. It was unknown what he was thinking about, but he started drooling.

“Monkey, your mother wants you to go back!” A small, furry head emerged from behind a big tree and shouted to the small child next to Wen Tian.

“Don’t call me monkey!” Monkey jumped up like a firecracker. His movements were agile and he pressed the owner of the voice onto the ground. The two little rascals fought.

The fight started without warning. Wen Tian was dumbfounded looking at the two children fighting. He tried to separate them, but the two children were clearly old adversaries. Wen Tian could not pull them apart. Monkey had the upper hand. He pushed the other child into the ground for a bit. Then he nimbly climbed up a tree, leaving the other child grimacing with a face full of dust.

The child on the ground got up and patted off his buttocks. He kicked the base of the tree to get Monkey to climb down.

Monkey made a provoking face and climbed up another section of the tree. While climbing, he shook the branches and leaves rustled and fell down.

“Ouch, my old waist…”

During the children’s enthusiastic insults-trading, an elderly voice suddenly interjected.  Wen Tian was stunned. His eyes looked at the big tree in front of him.


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