You Can’t Be Fierce Towards Me! Chapter 6 Part 1/8

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Wen Tian tried to explain that he was not a monster, but the two peonies seemed to be very scared. No matter what he said, they wouldn’t speak anymore. They tried very hard to be ordinary peonies.

The two peonies could not communicate with each other. Wen Tian ran outside. Every house had plants in front. He wanted to know whether all the plants spoke or the two peonies were special

The sun was warm outside. The large branches of the big trees swayed in the breeze. Other than the sounds of children playing and chickens and ducks, Wen Tian did not hear any special noises.

Wen Tian looked at the row of trees in the fortress from beginning to end. He did not hear any tree make any sound.

He let out a sigh of relief. It seemed that he didn’t have a problem. It was the two peonies in his room that became demons.

Wen Tian slowly walked back with his heart at ease. People would curiously greet him along the way. The playing children also looked at him in curiosity but did not get close to him.

Wen Tian moved a small bench outside and basked in the sunlight in the doorway.

The two quiet pots of peonies were once again moved by him to the sun. He remembered that they said earlier they wanted to bask in the sunlight.

The time passed by slowly. Wen Tian felt that he had been sitting out there for a long time, but the sun had only moved from the east to the middle of the sky.

The men in the fortress were finished with their work. In twos and threes, they carried tools and came back. They would chat with each other sometimes. It seemed that they all knew each other.

Wen Tian propped his hands under his chin and looked carefully at them.

He did farm work before in his previous life. When his mother and jiejie were gone and he had nothing, he went to work at a farm. One acre of work netted him ten coppers. The pay wasn’t much, but the host family supplied his breakfast and lunch. With this job, he barely survived.

There were lots of people like him who went to the farm to work for survival. At that time, Wen Tian lacked ambition and didn’t have much contact with them. But he occasionally envied those people. Although they were poor, they had their families. At noon, someone’s wife would come by with water and some fortunate ones would bring some wild fruits. Wen Tian thought at that time that if his mother and jiejie were alive, they would certainly bring him water while he was working in the fields.


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  1. dokyuun December 8, 2019 / 1:10 am

    I feel like crying whenever Wen Tian reminisces about his past life ;_;
    Thanks for the chapter

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