You Can’t Be Fierce Towards Me! Chapter 5 Part 6/7

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Wen Tian woke up a little bit. He groggily rubbed his head. He couldn’t tell whether he was awake or dreaming.

“He can hear us speak?” The whispers started up again.

Another steadier voice said, “Don’t be afraid. He can’t hear.”

Wen Tian: “……”

He warily looked around. There wasn’t much furniture in the house or many places to hide people. He put his clothes on and peered under the bed. It was also empty there.

This whispers continued, “It’s really warm this year. In half a month, I will bloom.”

Wen Tian: “???” Bloom?

He searched everywhere for the source of the sounds. His eyes finally fell onto the two pots of plants on the windowsill. Two peonies were planted in the pots. One of them had a branch with a tiny flower bud on it.

Wen Tian leaned in confusion to take a look. He saw the peony with a flower bud sway. That familiar voice began to speak again, “Why is this person coming so close to my flower bud? Lecher!!”

Wen Tian: “……”

He looked around in shock. However, the empty corners absolutely could not hide people. He thought someone was playing a prank on him so he opened the window to look out. There was also no one outside the window.

The other peony swayed its leaves in agreement. “But this person is really good-looking.”

The two voices resumed chatting. Wen Tian listened to them talk about how it was warm this morning all the way to getting ready for blooming buds this year. He felt that his whole person was dizzy and giddy and in a dream.

Why did everything seemed not quite right after he woke up?


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  1. VC3 December 5, 2019 / 12:23 am

    It was the flowers!!! *dramatic gasp*

    Thanks for the chapter~ \(^-^)/

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