You Can’t Be Fierce Towards Me! Chapter 5 Part 3/7

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Wen Tian dilly-dallied in undressing. Chu XiangTian, who was behind him, did not hurry him and didn’t even look at him. Wen Tian lightly sighed and took off his upper shirt. He found a comfortable position to lie on the bed. Then he told Chu XiangTian it was okay.

The fingers in his sleeves jolted. Chu XiangTian’s eyes fell onto Wen Tian’s body. The white back was covered with purple bruises.

His eyes dimmed and his gentle mood disappeared. Wen Tian’s bruises really looked frightening.

“How is it so bad?” He frowned and lightly pressed down on his shoulder blades. The Wen Tian whose face was pressed to the bed quivered. His skin had small goosebumps. He leaned his face and said indistinctly, “I was like this since young. With the same amount of bumping, I’m always more heavily injured than others.” And I pained more than others.

Chu XiangTian thought that this shaoye was really delicate. He warmed the medicinal liquid in his hands. Then he gently pressed against Wen Tian’s purple bruises. He reminded, “I have to knead hard for it to be effective. It will hurt a little. Bear with the pain.”

Wen Tian nodded. His fingers subconsciously clutched the quilt tight.

Chu XiangTian was afraid to hurt him so he only used 30% of his strength when he started. As a result, Wen Tian couldn’t bear the pain and cried out.

Chu XiangTian was startled by the pained shout. He immediately stopped and asked in puzzlement, “Does it really hurt? I haven’t used all my strength yet.”

“It hurts…” Tears fell down uncontrollably. Wen Tian lost track of how many times he cried already. He inhaled and softly plead, “Be gentler.”

Chu XiangTian looked at the lower lip that was bitten white due to pain. He used 10% of his strength to carefully and lightly knead.

The bruising on Wen Tian’s back was really too severe. He kept on kneading and didn’t know how long he did it for. Short pain was better than prolonged pain. Chu XiangTian tried to control his strength. He didn’t look at Wen Tian’s reactions and slowly rubbed the medicinal liquid onto the bruises.

“Laoda is really trying to force himself on the person…” Changxi was sneakily lying on the windowsill and peeking. The candlelight through the window only showed silhouettes. He could see a tall man half-kneeling on the bed. His hand was moving up and down. Every now and then, sobbing noises came from the room.


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