You Can’t Be Fierce Towards Me! Chapter 5 Part 1/7

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Wen Tian’s eyes opened wide in fright. He took a step back. His fingers subconsciously clutched the hem of his clothes. “I won’t!”

Chu XiangTian looked at his pitiful expression and felt it was very interesting. He deliberately approached him with a sullen face. “Are you taking them off or shall I?”

He was already tall. He stood near Wen Tian looking at him. Plus his sword-like eyebrows were raised and his thin lips seemed like he was about to get angry in the next second. Wen Tian had been trying to remain calm, but now that Chu XiangTian walked closer to him, his composure crumpled.

He shook his head and retreated to the wall. His back accidentally touched the wall and he quivered from the pain. He returned to his senses, but had to face the fierce Chu XiangTian. He was so anxious his eyes turned red again. He was like a cornered rabbit, pitiful and helpless.

Chu XiangTian originally thought he would just tease him. He didn’t expect to actually scare the person. He awkwardly coughed and stepped back. “Don’t cry. I was just joking with you.”

Wen Tian tightly clutched his clothes and curled up in the corner. His back still pained. He felt that the fear in his heart couldn’t be stopped. He crouched down, buried his face in his arms, and started crying.

Chu XiangTian: “……”

He didn’t think that he would actually make the person cry. Wen Tian’s small sobs made him flustered. He picked up the medicinal liquid from the table. “Don’t cry. I was really just playing with you. I only wanted to give you the medicinal liquid.”

Wen Tian didn’t care and continued crying. It was as if he was crying out all his fears after being kidnapped. His small whimpers sounded continuously. It was as if heavy rain on a cloudy day hit Chu XiangTian in the heart.

Chu XiangTian’s persuasive words were useless. Eventually, he could only sit next to him with a wooden face. While waiting for him to stop crying, he was thinking about how this little shaoye cried so easily.

After a while, the whimpers slowly died down. Chu XiangTian looked at him. Wen Tian shrunk into the corner. Because he was about to sleep, his hair was loose behind him. Wearing his red clothing, he was like a fragile and enchanting flower.

Chu XiangTian returned to his senses. His heart sighed that this little shaoye was really a beautiful seedling. He tried to reason with Wen Tian, “Don’t cry. Your eyes will be swollen.”

“If you’re not willing to have me apply the medicinal liquid on you, I’ll have Xiao Qiao do it.”

Wen Tian sniffed. He buried his head and ignored him.

Chu XiangTian was speechless. He felt that Wen Tian was a little devil. He had lived twenty-seven years and had never coaxed anyone. But the person cried because of him. Chu XiangTian could only clean up his mess himself.


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