You Can’t Be Fierce Towards Me! Chapter 44 Part 2/3

The silent Weizi suddenly whispered, “It doesn’t hurt as soon as you touch me.”

Its roots were bitten. Although it wasn’t fatal, the pain was not any less. The bursts of pain made it unable to even speak with spirit. But when this person touched him, it felt that the pain in its root seemed to have eased a lot.

“Touch me more.” Weizi whispered and looked hopefully at Fu Tian. It was this good-looking person who discovered that there was a bug on it. Now, Weizi couldn’t help but be hopeful that Fu Tian could understand it.

Fu Tian’s hand that was moving away paused. He carefully stroked its petals again.

Sure enough, Weizi comfortably hummed. It sounded like he was more spirited now.

Fu Tian pretended to examine Weizi all over. He heard Weizi’s voice and said to Zhu Hua, “There’s no big problem. Just take good care of it.”

Zhu Hua was overjoyed. He had decided that Fu Tian was a master at raising peonies, so he relaxed when Fu Tian said that there weren’t any problems.

Weizi was particularly reluctant for Fu Tian to leave. It shyly asked if Fu Tian was willing to bring it home. Fu Tian’s mouth quirked and he pretended not to understand. He walked out with Zhu Hua.

Zhu Hua had someone send them to the inn. Everyone was waiting in the lobby. Fu Tian explained what happened. Then everyone went to their rooms to rest.

Chu XiangTian looked at Fu Tian’s profile. He felt that there seemed to be more and more things that he didn’t understand about the little Shaoye.

He crossed his arms over his chest and suddenly asked, “You know how to grow peonies? How come I’ve never seen it in the Fu family?”

Fu Tian’s heart jumped. His jaw clenched and he nervously said, “That was in the past. I didn’t grow anymore after the Weizi died.”

Chu XiangTian looked at the panicked expression that Fu Tian couldn’t hide in time. He realized that the little Shaoye must be hiding something. But facing his nervous expression, Chu XiangTian didn’t press him for the answer. He gently went, “Oh” and didn’t continue asking.

Seeing that he didn’t keep asking, Fu Tian’s fluttering heart finally settled down.

After sleeping at the inn, they set off towards Sifang Town the next morning.

There were six of them when they came, but only four of them were returning. Xiao Qiao stayed to take over the two rice shops in town. Changxi wanted to stay with Xiao Qiao, so he didn’t go back either.

After waving goodbye, Fu Tian let down the horse carriage’s curtain. The horse carriage swayed back towards Sifang Town.

He had been gone for a few days. Now, he was finally going back.



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