You Can’t Be Fierce Towards Me! Chapter 44 Part 1/3

The horse carriage soon stopped at the door of a manor in no time. Zhu Hua first took his leave before asking the butler to show the two people inside. He nervously commanded servants to carry the pots of peonies inside.

Fu Tian and Chu XiangTian were shown into the main hall by a butler. Servants poured tea and retreated to the side. Chu XiangTian looked around with great interest. Fengshui County’s Zhu family was famous. 99% of the weapons that the Zhu family produced were sent to his hands. But the quantity was really too low. It was only enough for a portion of his soldiers.

He had mentioned to the Emperor a few times to increase the number of weapons. He heard that the Emperor had sent people over, but the Zhu family said that their manpower is limited. The government needed too many and they were helpless. The government took the opportunity to send craftsmen to learn from them. The Zhu family didn’t hide anything. But when the craftsmen returned, the weapons that they refined were always worse than the Zhu family’s.

Chu XiangTian had always heard of him, but never met him. He didn’t think that he would meet the head of the Zhu family in tiny Nanming County.

Zhu Hua carefully settled the two peonies. Then he rushed to the main hall. He cupped his hands in apology as soon as he walked inside. “I’ve made you two wait. I really didn’t trust the servants to take care of the peonies.”

Fu Tian politely replied that it was fine.

“I had people prepare the banquet already. Why don’t you have lunch here? ” Zhu Hua smiled.

Since he was already here, Fu Tian didn’t refuse and nodded in agreement.

Zhu Hua sincerely wanted to thank Fu Tian. The kitchen had spent a lot of work to prepare lunch. If they weren’t delicacies, then they were expensive. The food was delicious. The host and guests had a happy meal.

Both sides re-introduced themselves. Zhu Hua took a name card from the butler and handed it to Fu Tian. “You probably have no interest in gold or silver, so I will owe you this favor. Come find me if you need my help in the future. I will do my utmost to help.”

Fu Tian solemnly put the name card away. Then he spoke with Zhu Hua. He finally said that some friends were waiting for him, so he would take his leave.

Zhu Hua didn’t stop him this time. He politely sent them to the door. Before leaving, Fu Tian thought of the two peonies. Why not take a look at them before he left? He said, “Is it convenient to see the two peonies?”

Zhu Hua was naturally willing. He smiled and took them to see the peonies in the backyard.

The two peonies were settled in the backyard already. Their large and deep flowerpots were buried half underground. Only a small portion was exposed. The Weizi was obviously not as spirited as this morning. It looked a little wilted.

Yaohuang had been nervously calling, “Weizi, Weizi, Weizi…… Talk to me.”

The Weizi drooped and was listless. “Don’t shout! I won’t die.”

Yaohuang: “Oh……”

After a while, it called again. “Weizi, Weizi, Weizi……”

Weizi: “……”

The Weizi wanted to ignore it. It stayed silent.

It didn’t say anything and Yaohuang was even more nervous. When Fu Tian leaned over, he heard Yaohuang still calling out. Fu Tian’s mouth quirked. He shifted the Weizi’s petals to take a look.


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