You Can’t Be Fierce Towards Me! Chapter 4 Part 6/6

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This looked even less like bandits’ nest and more like an ordinary village.

Wen Tian returned to Xiao Qiao’s house. He sat down with a sigh. He didn’t know his family’s current situation. His mother and jiejie must be really worried.

After dinner, Wen Tian went to rest early. He took off the complicated clothing. He laid down wearing only his underclothing. His back just touched the bed when he felt a sharp pain. He dazedly jerked up and carefully pulled his clothes open. He turned his head to take a look.

He saw that his waist was light purple. Wen Tian touched it with his hand. It was painful. It should have been from when Changxi tied him to the pillar. He didn’t detect it during the day because he didn’t touch it. He discovered it when he lay down on the bed at night.

He drew in a breath. He reluctantly put his clothes on again so he could go ask Xiao Qiao if she had any medicinal liquid.

Xiao Qiao originally wanted to take a look at his injury. But Wen Tian was too embarrassed for a girl to see so he tactfully refused. Xiao Qiao could only go to find medicinal liquid for him.

Wen Tian took off his top layer of clothing when he returned to the room. He twisted his body to take a look at the small, copper mirror on the table. The blurry copper mirror showed that his back was a purple color. His shoulder blades, especially, had become a blackish purple color.

“I brought the medicinal liquid.” Chu XiangTian opened the door and directly saw the topless Wen Tian.

He was startled. His eyes fell onto Wen Tian’s body and temporarily couldn’t move away. Wen Tian’s body was whiter than his face. It was a more brilliant white in the dim light of the candle. The two small dots on his chest were pink. Even his navel was much better looking than the others.

Wen Tian subconsciously put on the clothing crumpled at his waist. He blushed and said with some anger, “Why didn’t you knock?”

Chu XiangTian raised his eyebrow. He boldly said, “Why do I need to knock on my own territory?”

Wen Tian: “……”

Wen Tian angrily put on his outer coat too. His heart was angry, but he dared not take it out on Chu XiangTian. He could only ask with bursting anger, “Chu Dangjia is here so late for something?”

“Xiao Qiao said you’re hurt so I came over to take a look.” Chu XiangTian put the medicinal liquid on the table. “Take your clothes off so I can see.”


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