You Can’t Be Fierce Towards Me! Chapter 4 Part 5/6

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Wen Tian’s hand halted. He put down the chopsticks and looked at him. He tried not to show off his ignorance. “It’s good.”

Chu XiangTian’s lips hooked up in a smile. His eyes fell on Wen Tian’s greasy lips. He reached out to touch it.

Wen Tian jumped back but didn’t manage to avoid his touch. The rough fingers rubbed his lips once. Even so, Wen Tian’s scalp tingled. He rounded his eyes in vigilance. “What are you doing?!”

“You have oil on your lips.” Chu XiangTian showed him his hand. There was indeed some grease on his thumb.

Wen Tian’s face turned red. He was completely angry. He couldn’t tell if this man was making fun of him. Then he suddenly remembered that Changxi said that this man liked men. He couldn’t help but be more vigilant. “I can rub it off myself. There’s no need to bother Chu Dangjia [the one in charge].”

Chu XiangTian twirled his fingers. He looked at Wen Tian staring at him like a frightened rabbit. His mood improved.

“Okay then.” He pretended to sigh with regret. Then he asked Wen Tian to eat.

Wen Tian held his bowl sitting opposite him. Chu XiangTian smiled at him, but didn’t speak. He bent his head and started eating.

Chu XiangTian ate very fast. In a little bit, half a bowl of rice was finished. But his eating actions weren’t crude. In fact, they were elegant, almost as if he was someone from a rich family. Wen Tian looked at him in surprise.

Aware of his gaze, Chu XiangTian raised his eyebrow. “What? Wen Shaoye has to look at me to eat?”

“……” Wen Tian just felt that this person was a bit unusual and, in the blink of an eye, he reverted to being a hoodlum. Wen Tian ate from his bowl and ignored him.

Chu XiangTian was not angry. He watched Wen Tian slowly finish his food before getting up and leaving.

When the person disappeared from his line of sight, Wen Tian released a sigh of relief. He followed the path Xiao Qiao took him on and returned.

He walked very slowly. He was carefully observing his surroundings. The fortress had thick tree trunks and sharpened bamboo on the periphery. It was basically impossible for him to climb over them. It seemed that he had to think of another way.

Wen Tian sat in front of Xiao Qiao’s house for a whole afternoon. The people in the fortress were not idle. The men were gone. The women were washing clothes and weaving baskets. Everyone had something to do. Even the children helped out with something from time to time. Wen Tian was actually the idlest person.

No one specifically looked at him, as if he was free to go anywhere he wanted. He walked around the fortress. He discovered that the fortress was larger than he thought. Walking along the fence, he found a large piece of farmland. This was where the men disappeared to. They were busily farming.


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