You Can’t Be Fierce Towards Me! Chapter 4 Part 4/6

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Xiao Qiao did not sense his intentions. She was tidying up the room. “Did Wen Shaoye have lunch? If you haven’t, do you want to eat with us later?”

Wen Tian felt his stomach. He did not senselessly resist. He honestly nodded his head, “I haven’t eaten yet.”

Xiao Qiao turned to look at him. Her gaze seemed to be gentler than before. “Okay. When the food is ready, I will call you.”

She lifted a trunk in the room up. “This takes up room here. I’ll put it in the back.”

The trunk was solid wood. It was almost a quarter of the size of the table in the main hall. She easily lifted it up. Wen Tian swallowed hard and let her through. He silently dispelled the not-yet-formed hostage-taking plan in his head.

At lunchtime, Xiao Qiao indeed came and got him.

West Mountain Fortress had lunch together. There was a large room to the right of the main hall. That was West Mountain Fortress’ kitchen and dining area. Before nearing it, the curling smoke from the rooftop was visible from a distance.

At lunchtime, the men, women, and children all walked towards the dining hall. When they passed by Wen Tian, without exception, they all looked curiously at him.

There were almost no strangers in the fortress. Wen Tian was also wearing eye-catching red clothing. His delicate facial features attracted people’s attention. It was hard to not pay attention to him.

The dining hall was filled with tables. Everyone took a bowl and waited in line for food. Xiao Qiao led Wen Tian to sit at a table. She then took a bowl and went directly to the front of the line. She asked for two meat dishes and one vegetable dish.

Wen Tian looked at the food piled high in his bowl. He silently thought that this bandits nest’s meals were very good.

After thanking her, Wen Tian was not bashful. He slowly ate with the chopsticks. Since he temporarily couldn’t leave, it was better to keep up his spirit. In case there was a chance to get away, he would have the energy to run away.

Once Chu XiangTian walked into the dining hall, he saw Wen Tian eating.

He was dressed in red brocade sitting at a wooden table. His white, slender fingers held the dark brown chopsticks. Even without speaking, he was the only spot of color in the mass of dark colors.

Especially his dignified temperament that seemed out of place among bandits.

“Is Wen Shaoye used to eating the food?” Chu XiangTian walked in large strides to Wen Tian’s table. He casually sat down and stared at him.


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