You Can’t Be Fierce Towards Me! Chapter 4 Part 3/6

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“Send a letter to Wen family stating how much ransom money you want. My mother will pay it.” He could tell that this person didn’t like to talk, so Wen Tian spoke up.

Chu XiangTian shook his head and clicked his tongue. “Ransom for what? West Mountain Fortress never robs the common people. It’s just that I think Wen Shaoye is pleasing to the eye. So I want you to stay for a few days.”

Wen Tian’s eyes opened wide to stare at him. Was this person mentally ill?!

Chu XiangTian personally untied Wen Tian’s ropes. His hand halted a bit as it swept over his thin ankle. Then he said to Zhou Chuanqing, “Arrange a place for Wen Shaoye. Don’t slight him.”

Zhou Chuanqing was elegantly handsome and always had a smile on his face. He held out his hand politely, inviting Wen Tian to please follow him to the back.

Wen Tian was unwilling, but the situation was stronger than him. He could only follow him while rubbing his purple wrists.

The place they were at was the fortress’ main hall. In front of the main hall was a lookout tower. Wen Tian took a look. It vaguely looked like someone was walking up there. Behind that was the fortress’ living area. It seemed almost the same as a normal village.

Neat houses were lined in two rows. A flat road was in the middle. The doorways of every house had trees planted. Washed clothing was hung to dry on the branches.

Zhou Chuanqing took him to the third tree. He knocked on the door. “Is Xiao Qiao here?”

A soft reply came from inside the house. Xiao Qiao came outside. “What command does military adviser have?”

Zhou Chuanqing smiled, “Laoda wants Wen Shaoye to stay as a guest for a few days. Arrange a room for him and don’t slight him.”

Xiao Qiao looked Wen Tian up and down. She was filled with doubts, but did not ask any questions. She nodded. “Don’t worry. I will prepare it well.”

“The fortress is simple and crude. Please don’t mind, Wen Shaoye. Let Xiao Qiao know if you need anything.” Zhou Chuanqing politely gestured to him. Then he said he had something to do. He threw Wen Tian to Xiao Qiao and left.

It was as if Wen Tian was not a hostage they kidnapped, but really a guest who came to visit.

Wen Tian was dumbfounded standing in the doorway.

Xiao Qiao invited him in. Wen Tian cautiously looked around. The house wasn’t big. The middle was the main hall. On the wall facing the door hung a Lord Guan painting. Underneath it was an old-fashioned table to seat eight people. The left and right side of the main hall were bedrooms. Xiao Qiao opened the door on the left. “You can stay in this room. I just aired the bedding two days ago.”

Wen Tian quietly observed her. He silently considered how big the possibility was of him taking her hostage and descending the mountain.


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