You Can’t Be Fierce Towards Me! Chapter 4 Part 2/6

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Chu XiangTian looked at him in amusement. He went over and grasped his chin. He narrowed his eyes and examined him for a while. “He is a beauty…”

The big hand on his chin was very strong. Wen Tian’s eyes reddened further. He choked out, “I’m not Jiao Changxian. You’ve caught the wrong person…”

Chu XiangTian clicked his tongue. He let go of his hand with a frown. “Why cry? I won’t eat you.”

He turned to Changxi. “Didn’t you say you picked up him on the road?”

The Changxi who was stealthily sneaking away stiffened. He shrunk his shoulders like a dog. “Yes, it was… it was at the foot of the mountain where I picked him up!”

The Zhou Chuanqing standing next to them couldn’t stand him like this anymore. He laughed and helped him out. “Okay, don’t lie anymore. Laoda and I just returned from Sifang Town.”

Wen family’s little gongzi was kidnapped by West Mountain’s bandits. This piece of news was spread everywhere. The Wen family went to the magistrate and was discussing how to rescue the person. When he and Laoda heard the news, they were baffled. They returned to the fortress early.

“Explain clearly what is going on.” Chu XiangTian kicked Changxi again. He sat on the tiger fur chair, fingers lightly drumming on his knee.

It seemed like Laoda did not have any intentions to beat him. Changxi let out a sigh of relief. He explained the ins and outs. When he finished, he was aggrieved. “I originally wanted to catch this guy for Xiao Qiao to take care of. Who knew I caught the wrong person?”

“When are you going to grow a brain?” Towards his simple-minded subordinates, Chu XiangTian had pretty much given up hope to save them. He waved his hand. “Go find Xiao Qiao. Remember, you are responsible for cutting up this month and next month’s firewood.”

Changxi heard that he was punished by chopping wood. His face beamed. He thanked his Laoda and fairly few away.

He left Wen Tian alone facing the two people.

Wen Tian inhaled. Then he twisted his neck to look at Chu XiangTian. “You’ve caught the wrong person. Can you let me go now?”

Chu XiangTian was amused by him. He went to stand in front of him and looked down on him from his height. “Since you’re already here, why doesn’t Wen Shaoye [young master] stay as a guest in the fortress for a few days? Not everyone has the chance to come to West Mountain Fortress.”

Wen Tian: “……” Who would think of being houseguests of bandits?!


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