You Can’t Be Fierce Towards Me! Chapter 4 Part 1/6

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Changxi crouched in front of Wen Tian. His face was twisted as he considered his advice.

But his brain was in a knot. He wasn’t used to thinking about complicated things. He fretted for a while and finally fiercely slapped his thigh. Since he grabbed the wrong person, why don’t he secretly let the person go before Laoda returned? He could beat up the others so they wouldn’t spill the beans. Then he could pretend as if nothing happened!

Changxi felt that this was a good idea that wouldn’t have him beaten up. He then stood up and started to untie Wen Tian’s restraints. He roughly warned Wen Tian, “Don’t make a sound. I’ll send you off the mountain later.”

Wen Tian obediently nodded. He cooperated and didn’t move as Changxi untied his ropes.

The two were focused on the ropes and didn’t pay attention to the two people who came in.

Chu XiangTian returned after discussing some business outside. He saw Changxi’s butt pointed at him while doing something facing the pillar. Changxi was tall and sturdy. He covered Wen Tian completely.

“Changxi, what are you doing?” Chu XiangTian squinted his eyes. He went over and kicked Changxi’s butt.

Changxi stumbled. His chest directly knocked into Wen Tian’s nose. Wen Tian cried out in pain and tears flowed down.

Chu XiangTian then noticed that there was someone tied to the pillar.

Changxi crawled up, flustered. He looked guiltily at Chu XiangTian, “Lao… Laoda, you’re back so soon?”

Chu XiangTian’s eyes landed on Wen Tian. He moved his chin. “Who is this?”

Changxi guiltily glanced at the tearful Wen Tian. He hemmed and hawed and a bright idea came to him. “I picked him up on the road. Didn’t Laoda say he likes men? So I brought him back for you.”

He gestured at Wen Tian. “Look at this face, this waist, this leg… Hehe.”

Chu XiangTian’s sword-like eyebrows rose high. His eyes followed Changxi’s hand as it gestured. He stroked his chin and praised, “Not bad.”

The Wen Tian who was suddenly sold: “……”

Changxi’s bump made Wen Tian dazed. His brain was buzzing in pain. Uncontrollable tears soaked his face. He dimly heard their conversation. His eyes reddened and he wanted to explain. He raised his head and met Chu XiangTian’s deep, black eyes.


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