You Can’t Be Fierce Towards Me! Chapter 3.9

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Changxi rushed like the wind with Wen Tian on his shoulder leading the way back to the fortress. There, he threw the unconscious Wen Tian onto the ground. Changxi looked around and found some hemp rope. He firmly and tightly tied Went Tian to a pillar in the house.

The brothers came up and circled the pillar. The clicked their tongues and exclaimed, “He really is a pretty boy. No wonder he can deceive Xiao Qiao.”

Changxi kicked the person who spoke. “Go, go, go. Call Xiao Qiao over quickly. We brothers brought the person here. It’s up to her how we deal with him.”

Soon Xiao Qiao came over. She was wearing a dress made of coarse clothing. A smooth branch held her hair up. She had the delicateness of a pretty girl from a humble family.

Changxi saw her and laughed in a silly manner. “Look, Xiao Qiao. I brought Jiao Changxian here for you to dispose of.”

The Xiao Qiao who was washing clothes and pulled over halfway was baffled. Once she heard Jiao Changxian mentioned, her anger rushed forwards. She fiercely hammered Changxi with a fist. “Mention that person again and I’ll pull your ears off.”

After hitting him, she returned back to her delicate appearance. She then turned to look at the Wen Tian tied to the pillar. “Who is this?”

The pitiful Changxi who was bigger than the average man was hit until he was scared to speak. He said with grievance in a low tone, “Isn’t this that… him?” He wanted to say “Jiao Changxian,” but thought of being hammered so he shut his mouth.

“Who’s ‘him?’” Xiao Qiao raised her eyebrow high.

Changxi pitifully rubbed his shoulder. “That one. That Jiao something. Didn’t you forbid me from mentioning his name?”

Xiao Qiao was silent and finally reacted after a while. She pointed to the unconscious Wen Tian and asked in shock, “You say that he is Jiao Changxian?”

“Ah.” Changxi nodded earnestly. He looked expectantly at Xiao Qiao, like a big wolfdog waiting to be praised.

However, what he waited for wasn’t praise or meat bones. Instead, Xiao Qiao beat him once again in a flurry like howling wind and torrential wind. Although it wasn’t especially painful, Changxi was especially wronged. “Why are you hitting me again?”

Xiao Qiao coldly smiled. “You idiot. This is not Jiao Changxian!”


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