You Can’t Be Fierce Towards Me! Chapter 3.8

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“What’s the matter with them?” The bandits hiding in the bushes were puzzled. They were far away so they couldn’t clearly hear what was said. They only knew that the bridegroom suddenly didn’t want to go on anymore and told the sedan chair to return.

“Is he withdrawing from the marriage?”

Changxi spat on the grass. “Good-looking people aren’t any good. He brought calamity to Xiao Qiao. Now he’s bringing calamity to another girl!”

The people down there separated into two groups. Only a few people remained in the middle. It was the perfect opportunity to kidnap someone.

Changxi waved his hand. “Let’s go, brothers!”

Four or five strong bandits rushed like the wind down the mountain towards Wen Tian. Changxi moved fast with great strength. Before anyone could react, one hand knife whacked Wen Tian unconscious. Changxi then threw him onto his shoulder and ran.

Jiao Changqing was astonished. “What are you doing-?”

He did not finish speaking when a few men came from behind him and regardless of whom it was, beat them up. Then they left a message and rushed like the wind up the mountain.

“Have the Jiao family come with silvers to pay the ransom!”

The Jiao Changqing who was beaten silly: “???”

The person you took was from the Wen family. Why did the Jiao family need to pay the ransom?

The kidnapping process flowed like water and went like the wind. When the shocked people reacted, the bandits’ shadows were already gone.

Daifu looked at the direction Wen Tian disappeared from. Then he looked at the panicked Wen Shuyue who poked her head out. He gritted his teeth and shouted, “Return to Wen fu first!”

[TL Note: I laughed so hard translating this… :D]


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    Haha,too stupid,really.I understand the Jiaos’ puzzled expressions.Being asked to pay for someone not even part of their clan..LOL

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