You Can’t Be Fierce Towards Me! Chapter 3.7

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The Jiao Changqing in front turned his head back in puzzlement and went over to ask what the matter was.

Wen Tian did not suppress his anger. He raised his head and pointed bluntly to Jiao Changqing’s nose. “Your Jiao family is bullying intolerably!”

Jiao Changqing’s heart shook, but also secretly rejoiced. Did they discover Jiao Changxian’s indiscretions…?


Wen Tian angrily glared. Even his cheeks were red. “You need me to publicly say your Jiao family’s scandal out loud?!”

The Jiao family members’ faces immediately changed. Jiao Changqing was secretly happy, but had an ignorant expression on his face. “Everything is just a misunderstanding. Let’s wait until the ceremony is over to talk it over.”

Wen Tian coldly sneered. Seeing Jiao family’s shamelessness, new and old hatred rose upwards. Without leaving him any face, Wen Tian said, “It’s a pity that Jiao family is a prominent family. I think even a roadside beggar can’t compare to how filthy and disgusting Jiao Changxian is. This farce is over!”

“Daifu, take Xiaojie [young miss, lady] back!”

Daifu loudly answered. He told the sedan chair bearers to bring the sedan chair back. The people who didn’t know what was going on could only part to let the sedan chair pass.

The Jiao family members wanted to stop them, but were halted by Wen Tian’s whip. Two people shouted and covered their wounds in pain on the ground. Jiao Changqing wanted to go forwards, but seeing Wen Tian’s ferocious expression, he fearfully retreated.

Wen Tian coldly sneered, “This isn’t over for the Jiao family!”


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