You Can’t Be Fierce Towards Me! Chapter 3.6

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Wen Tian rode a horse next to Wen Shuyue’s sedan chair. He whispered to her, while anxiously looking back.

Daifu set out earlier than them and it was faster to travel by boat in the daytime. After a while, he should be coming with news.

“Is that him?” Changxi pointed to the Wen Tian who was riding his horse next to the sedan chair.

The child nodded. “Xiao Qiao jiejie said Jiao Changxian is very good-looking. He looks the best there. It must be him.”

Changxi squinted his eyes and pondered a bit. It really was only Wen Tian who was wearing red and good-looking. Also, he was talking to the bride the whole journey. He must be the bridegroom.

He pointed in front of the brothers on the opposite side to Wen Tian, signaling to catch him.

The opposite side returned a gesture of message received. They patiently waited in the grass to ambush.

The long wedding procession slowly moved forwards. Wen Tian frequently looked back. On the 101st time, he finally saw Daifu on a horse coming towards him.

Wen Tian’s mouth rose up. He looked at the Jiao family members in front of him. He quietly called Daifu to his side.

“What did you hear?” Wen Tian deliberately moved slower and let the sedan chair go first, lest Wen Shuyue heard.

After Daifu gathered the news, he was extremely terrified. He rode his horse ferociously to catch up. He didn’t even catch his breath before he lowered his voice to share the news.

The results were pretty much what Wen Tian expected. Jiao Changxian’s scandal was spread throughout Lehe Town. Daifu just asked and found everything out.

“The Jiao family is bullying people intolerably!” Wen Tian had an angry expression as he halted the wedding procession.


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