You Can’t Be Fierce Towards Me! Chapter 3.5

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Although bandits were rampant in West Mountain, with such a huge group, they thought the bandits wouldn’t bother them.

The red line of the wedding procession slowly went up the West Mountain.


“Changxi ge [literally: big brother, can be used to denote familiarity], they went towards our mountain!”

A ten-year-old boy flipped over a small hillside and said to the man hiding behind it.

The man was called Changxi. He was West Mountain’s bandit. He heard that scumbag Jiao gongzi was getting married so he descended the mountain to guard here. He was ready to teach that scumbag a lesson and was worrying over how to do it with so many people around. He did not expect these people dared to go through his territory.

“Haha. Isn’t this better? We brothers were looking for an opportunity to take revenge for your Xiao Qiao jiejie [literally: older sister, can be used to denote familiarity].” Changxi jumped up from the grass and spat out the straw in his mouth. He threw the child onto his back and quickly ran towards the mountaintop. “Let’s get some people to watch them. I must teach that Jiao boy a lesson. He dared to bully our West Mountain Fortress’ women!”

West Mountain was on the west side of Sifang Town. It was a little mountain range. Because it was terrain that was hard to attack, it became the location for West Mountain Fortress.

West Mountain Fortress had been established for some years. It helped the old and weak. The men’s main business was farming. Only from time to time, did the brothers [fraternal, not necessarily related] go out to frighten the rich passersby and make some fast money. After Laoda [boss, leader of a criminal gang] arrived with the military adviser, West Mountain Fortress gradually grew bigger and they eventually became Sifang Town’s bandits. Therefore, few people dared to take this shortcut through the West Mountain.

If the Jiao family did not rely on their heavy numbers, they wouldn’t dare to go this way either.

Changxi was familiar with the terrain. He hurried back with the child on his back. Then he called a few brothers who could fight and laid in ambush on both sides of the road.


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