You Can’t Be Fierce Towards Me! Chapter 3.4

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“I’ll have Daifu go to Jiao fu to gather news so it won’t delay the time,” Wen Tian shook Fu Youqin’s sleeve. “I’m just a little worried. It won’t be wrong if we send someone to check things out. If there’s nothing wrong, then it’s fine. But if Jiao family is lying to us, it’s better to bring jiejie back halfway than have her marry with grievances.”

Fu Youqin thought what he said was reasonable. Wen Shuyue was her only daughter. She was proficient in the four arts [zither, chess, calligraphy, painting] since young and so meek. If Jiao family was really lying, she would rather have her daughter back halfway from the marriage journey than marry her over to be bullied.

“Okay, have Daifu gather news first.” Fu Youqin touched his head. Wen Tian was actually taller than her. But due to his delicate and innocent nature, she couldn’t help but take care of him like a child. It wasn’t until today that she discovered he had grown up and finally acted like an adult.

He sent Daifu to Lehe Town to gather news first. Wen Tian told him the old fisherman’s location. Then he went to the backyard.

The time had been delayed too long. Fu Youqin fed Wen Shuyue some food. Then she used a handkerchief to wipe her mouth. She half laughed and half cried, “Eat before you leave.”

Wen Shuyue tightly clutched her hands. Mother and daughter looked at each other and their eyes couldn’t help but redden.

After eating the before-climbing-into-the-sedan-chair rice, it should be time to depart. Wen Tian put her wedding veil back on. Then he turned to let Wen Shuyue climb onto his back.

Wen Shuyue was shorter than him by a head. It was not difficult for Wen Tian to carry her. He firmly steadied her and piggybacked her out.

The front of Wen fu was noisy with gongs, drums, and firecrackers. Wen Tian piggybacked Wen Shuyue over the fire brazier. Then he settled her in the sedan chair.

Wen Tian got on top of his horse. He bid farewell to his parents. Then he followed the wedding procession to Lehe Town.

The wedding procession did not follow the main road out of Sifang Town, but took the small road through the West Mountain.

They delayed too much time at Wen fu. To arrive at Jiao family before the auspicious hour, Jiao Changqing calculated, they would need to take the shortcut through the West Mountain.


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