You Can’t Be Fierce Towards Me! Chapter 3.3

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Jiao Changqing wished so much that this marriage would be cancelled, but he couldn’t go against his elders’ wishes. He could only pull his face and apologize. “This brother misunderstands. Changxian is wholeheartedly devoted to Wen Xiaojie. He originally insisted on coming. But his leg couldn’t take it, so aunt had me come here…”

The words seemed very sincere. Except for Wen Tian, the Wen family was moved.

Wen Boli glanced outside. The drums and gongs had not stopped. He hesitantly discussed with his wife, “Qinniang [from her name: Qin], the auspicious hour is almost here. How do you…?”

Fu Youqin sighed. The groom didn’t even show up. She was unwilling to marry her daughter like this. But getting angry over this matter was too unkind. After all, Jiao Changxian breaking his leg was an accident. After pondering, she still nodded.

Jiao Changqing smiled, stood up, and gestured in apology. “Thank you for your understanding.”

The time had been delayed by a lot. After receiving affirmation, Jiao Changqing rushed out to prepare. Wen Boli and Fu Youqin started to follow. Wen Tian deliberately lagged behind. He pulled Fu Youqin’s sleeve.

Fu Youqin turned in puzzlement. “What is it?”

Wen Tian had already prepared a script. His eyes were lowered and he spoke out his heart’s worries. “On the wedding day, he falls off a horse and breaks his leg? How can there be such a coincidence? We should send someone to Jiao family to check it out.”

Although Fu Youqin was unhappy that this happened, she didn’t think any deeper. She hesitated, “Changxian is a good person. He’s very considerate to your jiejie. This is probably a real accident and delayed the auspicious hour…”

Wen Tian had long guessed this would be the result.

Jiao Changxian was too good at pretending. After the engagement, he would visit during holidays. He would give Wen Shuyue little gifts from time to time. If Wen Tian did not experience his previous life, he too wouldn’t believe that this was all Jiao Changxian’s careful plan to deceive them for Wen Shuyue’s dowry and the Wen family’s support.

When Wen Boli abandoned his wife after getting the Fu family’s property and legitimized his concubine, Jiao Changxian did the same. He fooled around with that concubine’s niece.


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