You Can’t Be Fierce Towards Me! Chapter 3.2

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“Why did he pick this time to fall off? Those who don’t know will think that the Jiao family is unhappy with this marriage and is looking for an excuse.” Wen Tian looked at everyone’s expressions and secretly smiled.

Sure enough, Fu Youqin and Wen Boli’s faces turned even uglier.

Jiao Changqing’s eyes twitched. The hands inside his sleeves tightly clenched. In fact, he was holding anger inside too. Jiao Changxian was his tangdi [younger male patrilineal cousin]. Not to mention that he had always been suppressing him, but Jiao Changxian was even taking a wife before him. The result was that Jiao Changxian secretly went to the brothel the night before the wedding. It was only the next day when he didn’t show up that the Jiao family found out that he was missing.

At first they thought he encountered some sort of accident. They mobilized all the servants with great fanfare to find the person in the town. Finally, they found him in the brothel.

According to the people who found him, Jiao Changxian was frolicking with four prostitutes the whole night. When they found him, Jiao Changxian was spread on top of a prostitute and refused to get up. The whole room was filled with shameful traces.

This laughing matter became huge. Earlier, the Jiao family caused such a commotion and they finally found the person in a brothel. This was known to almost everyone in town. Jiao gongzi played with four prostitutes the night before his wedding and didn’t even show up for his marriage.

Let’s not speak of how their reputation was ruined. But how were they to cope with the Wen family?

They tried to force the person to leave. But Jiao Changxian played too crazily and took some drugs. When they weren’t paying attention, Jiao Changxian jumped back on the prostitutes who were putting their clothes on. It was nearing the auspicious hour, but Jiao Changxian was still making trouble. The marriage with the Wen family absolutely could not be cancelled so they sent Jiao Changqing to pick up the bride.

As long as they brought the bride over, no matter what happened next, it would be a family matter then.


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