You Can’t Be Fierce Towards Me! Chapter 3.10

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“Ah?” Changxi was stunned. He pointed stupidly to Wen Tian. “Then who is he?”

Xiao Qiao crossed her arms. “You kidnapped the person and you’re asking me who he is?”

Changxi looked at Wen Tian and then at everyone else. “So we caught the wrong person? What are we going to do now?”

No one answered. Everyone looked at the sky or the ground.

Changxi bitterly wrinkled his face. “We also asked the Jiao family to bring silvers to ransom the person.”

Xiao Qiao almost rolled her eyes to the heavens. She turned around and went back to the laundry. “Laoda is about to return. Ask him what you should do.”

Changxi: “……”

He whispered, “If I ask Laoda, am not I asking for a beating?”

It was clear that everyone was afraid of being beaten by Laoda. Xiao Qiao left and everyone else scattered along with her. Changxi was left alone to worry.

“Or you can secretly let me go.” Wen Tian opened his eyes and advised him.

Wen Tian woke up when he was being tied up. Changxi carried him like a sack. His body was jolted until he pained all over. Along with being tied with rough ropes, he woke up to the pain. It was just that he wasn’t clear on the situation so he pretended to be unconscious.

Changxi was scared by Wen Tian’s sudden voice. He stared at him like staring at a ghost. “When did you wake up?”

Wen Tian: “Just now.”

Changxi breathed a sigh of relief. He had a fierce expression on his face. “I won’t let you go until I get the ransom.”

Wen Tian exposed his lies. “But you caught the wrong person. Jiao family won’t ransom me. They’re very poor.”

Changxi was like a frightened black bear. His eyes were wide like brass bells. “Didn’t you just wake up?”

“En, I woke up to hear one sentence.” Wen Tian was listening earlier. He knew Changxi was the least clever one. He wanted to coax him into letting himself go. “I also have grievances with Jiao Changxian. If you let me go, I will go back and take care of him to take revenge for Xiao Qiao guniang [miss, lady].”


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