You Can’t Be Fierce Towards Me! Chapter 3.1

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As if to confirm Fu Youqin’s words, the Jiao wedding team arrived, over an hour late.

The team must have run all the way over here. They didn’t even line up properly. They crookedly ran to the Wen family’s door. Then they got into formation and started beating drums and gongs to receive the bride.

Wen Shuyue’s makeup was already done. She had on a wedding gown she personally made, sitting on a bed strewn with red silk. She twisted her handkerchief somewhat nervously, looking uneasy and bashful.

“Jiao family’s people are here.” Daifu ran in looking happy.

Wen Tian personally put on the red bridal veil for her. He randomly asked, “Is Jiao Changxian here?”

Daifu was startled. The Jiao wedding team was late by an hour. If they didn’t hurry, they would miss the auspicious time. Both families were busy and noisy. Wen Tian’s question made Daifu remember that he actually didn’t see the groom. The one leading the team was Jiao Changxian’s cousin.

“I didn’t see him. It’s chaotic out there.”

Wen Tian hid a smile. His tensed nerves relaxed. He handed Wen Shuyue over to her maidservant to take care of.

He left with Daifu to check out the situation.

Before he stepped out the door, Wen Tian heard the deafening sounds from gongs and drums. Different from the noisy outside, the Wen servants seemed to have stopped everything they were doing. They seemed to be looking at something.

In the vestibule, Jiao Changxian’s cousin Jiao Changqing sat in the guest’s seat looking embarrassed. Fu Youqin and Wen Boli sat in the hosts’ seats. The atmosphere was silent, unlike the festive atmosphere outside.

“Father, mother, did something happen?” Wen Tian’s arrival broke the silence. Wearing an ignorant face, he looked puzzled at Jiao Changqing.

Jiao Changqing reluctantly opened his mouth. Looking at the obviously displeased Fu Youqin, he explained, “Changxian breaking his leg was an accident. As he was getting on the horse, the horse was startled. He was thrown off from the horse.”


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