You Can’t Be Fierce Towards Me! Chapter 23 Part 4/7

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Daifu tidied up the guest room in the east courtyard. Chu XiangTian moved in the next day.

The guest room was very close to Wen Tian’s main room. The things inside were in accordance with Wen Tian’s preference.

Chu XiangTian thought about the bamboo couch that he was sleeping on in the beginning and compared it to his current treatment. He couldn’t help but sigh with emotion. The little Shaoye really didn’t like him before.

He walked around the room with his hands clasped behind his back. There were a few sets of clothing in the cupboards. The material was high-quality brocade.

Chu XiangTian smiled and went to the study to find the little Shaoye.

After the crisis was averted, Wen Tian began to focus on reading. If one wanted to find him, it was correct to go to the study.

Chu XiangTian lightly opened the door. Wen Tian’s back was straight. He held a brush in his hand and was carefully making notes.

Chu XiangTian sat down opposite him and watched him for a while. He suddenly said, “What if I find you a teacher?”

Wen Tian had become more familiar with Chu XiangTian. He didn’t lift his head as he said, “You know some teachers?”

It wasn’t that he looked down on bandits, but Chu XiangTian did not look like a scholar.

It was strange to think of a robbing and plundering bandit next to a moral teacher no matter how he thought about it.

Chu XiangTian’s mouth twitched. “Wait for me to find one and then you’ll know. Is a Tanhua* enough to teach you?”

[TL Note: Candidate who placed third in the imperial examination.]

Wen Tian subconsciously thought that he was boasting, but he thought that Chu XiangTian seemed to have always told the truth, other than when he was teasing him.

Thus, he did not immediately refute this time, but nodded obediently.

How well-behaved. Chu XiangTian stood up and rubbed his head. He was prepared to go into the mountains to catch Zhou Chuanqing to teach Wen Tian. He was a Tanhua at the very least. If he taught him for a little bit, the little Shaoye might become a Juren.”*

[TL Note: Successful candidate in the imperial provincial examination.]

After Chu XiangTian went to find the person in West Mountain, Wen Boli brought people over.

He brought Bai Ruihe, Wen Zeming, and two fierce-looking soldiers and arrived with momentum at Wen fu.

When he showed off the senior provincial official’s letter, even the county magistrate was a lot more polite. He knew that he was going to the Wen family and took the initiative to give him two soldiers for prestige.

He had left with a gloomy expression, but Wen Boli returned and strutted in the doorway.

The doorman knew that Laoye and Furen had fallen out. The butler had especially expressed that if Laoye returned, he couldn’t casually let him in.

“Please wait, Laoye. I will pass on the message that you are here.”

The doorman guarded the door as someone went to pass on the message.

“Why do I have to wait for someone to pass on a message when I return to my own home?” Wen Boli impolitely walked by the doorman and walked straight inside.


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