You Can’t Be Fierce Towards Me! Chapter 23 Part 3/7

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Wen Boli met the senior provincial official. Nanming County’s senior provincial official, Zhao Renhua, was a middle-aged man approaching fifty years old. Wen Boli had a very good time chatting with him. Zhao Renhua always prided on himself on his sharp eyes. He liked to recommend talented people and Wen Boli was precisely lacking a “talent scout.”

The two people hit it off immediately. Zhao Renhua was very appreciative of his talents and had him stay for a meal.

Bai Ruihe was acquainted with the senior provincial’s furen, so Wen Boli specially took her along. For a time, the four people conversed very happily.

After the meal, the four people sat around drinking tea. The senior provincial’s furen seemed to inadvertently praise, “Wen Laoye can marry such a virtuous wife like Ruihe must be because you have accumulated good blessings in your previous life.”

Bai Ruihe bashfully lowered her head. Her shy eyes looked at Wen Boli.

Wen Boli laughed. “Ruihe indeed helps me a lot, but I cannot give her an legitimate status.”

Zhao Renhua was surprised. “She is not your main wife?”

Wen Boli’s face was bitter. “I have always treated Ruihe as my furen, but there is a vicious woman in the house. I am incapable and my wife’s power is too strong. I can’t even accept a concubine.”

“How unreasonable!” Zhao Renhua understood. “I didn’t think that such a wicked thing existed under my governance.”

“Senior provincial official handles a myriad of problems every day. How can you pay attention to little Sifang Town?” Wen Boli fawned in a timely manner. He seized the opportunity to say, “I have endured enough all these years. I wrote a divorce letter a few days ago. But the vicious woman desires the industry that I have painstakingly built and won’t leave.”

Zhao Renhua was displeased. “Such a low-class woman should be driven away.”

Wen Boli looked like he was in difficulties. “I’m just an ordinary businessman. If……”

“What are you afraid of?!” Zhao Renhua patted his shoulder and said arrogantly, “I agree to this matter. Have someone drive that low-class woman away. I think you and Bai furen are a good match. When you drive the person away, hurry and marry this virtuous wife.”

Bai Ruihe was very happy. She looked affectionately at Wen Boli and delicately hung her head, revealing a slender white neck.

Both the host and guests were happy. Wen Boli received a definite answer and returned through the night with Bai Ruihe to Sifang Town.

Before leaving, Zhao Renhua wrote a recommendation letter for him. He also wrote another letter detailing Wen Boli’s divorce. After placing a seal on it, he handed it to Wen Boli.

Wen Boli felt the letter and thought of the scene when Fu Youqin would be kicked out of the fu by him. A sinister and cold smile was on his face.



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