You Can’t Be Fierce Towards Me! Chapter 23 Part 2/7

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Wen Tian naturally would not refuse. Chu XiangTian brought him hope when he was the most desperate and anxious. The past resentment and grudges were completely wiped away. Instead, he felt a lot of goodwill towards him.

The bandit leader Chu XiangTian was a good person to Wen Tian now. He was a benefactor who had helped him.

There was a circle in Wen Tian’s heart. The people he was close to were inside the circle. Other people were outside the circle. Chu XiangTian used to be far away outside the circle. But after this time, Wen Tian moved Chu XiangTian into his little circle.

He was on his side now. It was no problem for someone on his side to stay in his courtyard for as long as he needed.

Looking at his soft appearance, Chu XiangTian couldn’t help but want a mile after taking an inch. He teetered on a dangerous edge and tested, “I can stay as long as I want?”

Wen Tian nodded. His expression was soft and well-behaved. He was completely different from the person who glared at him with wide eyes when teased earlier.

Chu XiangTian was very happy, but his expression was calm as he leaned very close to Wen Tian. “Then, deference is no substitute for obedience.”

He was very close. Wen Tian could even feel the warm breath from his nose. He blinked and moved back a little.

Chu XiangTian slightly raised his eyebrow. He changed to a sitting posture and maintained a comfortable, yet safe distance from Wen Tian.

When his slightly oppressive aura retreated, Wen Tian relaxed. He poured Chu XiangTian a cup of tea and read a book slowly.

Chu XiangTian observed him quietly. The more he looked, the more he felt that the little shaoye in front of him was exceedingly cute. He was like a big baby who made people want to carry him in his arms and rubbed. Then hide him and raise him well.

Unfortunately, this big baby moved and ran. Chu XiangTian’s fingers lightly tapped his thigh. He unconsciously licked his lips. His wolf-like gaze landed on the oblivious Wen Tian.



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