You Can’t Be Fierce Towards Me! Chapter 2.6

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Great Chu Empire’s customs were open-minded and unrestrained. Men and women admire beauty. A beautiful face was highly sought after in Great Chu. But water may keep a boat afloat and also sink it. Although a beautiful face was gilding the lily, in times of adversity, it would only bring more troubles.

A lot of rich and noble people love keeping male pets. He almost became one of them in his previous life. If his mother didn’t harden her heart and scarred his face, he reckoned he wouldn’t even have lived in the following struggle-filled years.

“Let’s go.” Wen Tian removed his gaze and went towards Wen Shuyue’s courtyard.

Wen Shuyue’s courtyard was more noisy and lively. Fu Youqin and the housekeeper were counting the dowry boxes. They counted the boxes one by one and then loaded them onto the horse carriage. These were all Wen Shuyue’s dowry.

FuYouqin saw Wen Tian and handed the logbook to the housekeeper. She grabbed Wen Tian’s hand to see.

The wound was deep and narrow across his palm. After a night, it had stopped bleeding. The pain was slightly dulled. Daifu deliberately wrapped it in a red cloth. With his hand in his sleeve, it wasn’t very visible.

Fu Youqin was assured seeing the carefully dressed wound. She started talking about the marriage procession.

Lehe Town was adjacent to Sifang Town, but the wedding procession was long, with many horses. It would take four hours to go the main road. By Chen shi [7-9 a.m.] the Jiao family’s wedding team should have arrived. But it was almost Chen shi and the team was not there.

Fu Youqin was a bit worried. “Did something happen on the road?”

Wen Tian held back the smile on his face. He thought that it would indeed be a problem if they still haven’t found the person. He comforted, “Maybe they set out too late. Let’s wait patiently.”

Fu Youqin nodded. She uncomfortably touched her right eyelid. Her right eyelid had been twitching all morning.

***[TL Note: Chinese believe that the left eye twitching will bring good news and the right eye twitching will bring bad news.]


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