You Can’t Be Fierce Towards Me! Chapter 2.5

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He never understood in his previous life how a person could disguise himself for so long. He remembered the twisted resentment on his father’s face when they confronted each other. It was different from his normally gentle expression. It was as if an evil spirit put on the skin of a hypocritical person. It made Wen Tian nauseous.

Hiding under the quilt, he cried for a long time. His intense emotions seemed to have flown out with the tears. He sniffed his nose. Wen Tian started making careful plans for the future.

He had no special ability. He could only rely on pre-knowing events to carefully reverse his past life’s tragedy.

He carefully thought over his plan to ensure no mistakes. Wen Tian slowly fell asleep.

Before dawn the next day, it was lively outside.

Daifu came in with washing supplies to wake Wen Tian up. Wen Tian was the brother-in-law so he had to go to the groom’s house to liven up the occasion. Therefore, his attire was very grand and he needed to wake up early to prepare.

After washing up, Daifu held up the formal attire for Wen Tian to change into.

On a wedding day, the attire was completely red from the inside to the outside. Dark red satin was embroidered with gold lines and black brocade trim. It was festive with some solemnity.

Daifu helped him tidy up his clothing and tie up his loose black hair with a red coral crown.

“Gongzi is very good-looking. If you go out, you’ll have the furens [madam, lady] and xiaojies [unmarried young miss, lady] mesmerized.”

Wen Tian looked at himself in front of the copper mirror, but he did not care.


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