You Can’t Be Fierce Towards Me! Chapter 2.3

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The hot water was brought over. Wen Tian bore the pain and cleaned his wound. Daifu then bandaged it up. Wen Tian inhaled and calmed his emotions. “Is mother…” He continued after a moment. “And father asleep?”

Daifu was blowing distressedly on his hand. He suddenly thought of serious matters and was panicked. “Laoye [lord, master] and furen [lady, madam, missus] are still waiting. They said after gongzi return, you should go to the main courtyard.”

Wen Tian already guessed it. He rubbed his eyes with cold water. Then he started to clean the longevity pendant he took off so he could put it back on. However, the longevity pendant that was clearly stained with blood was completely clean.

Wen Tian was startled and his eyes widened. He repeatedly looked at the longevity pendant in his hand.

In his previous life, this longevity pendant was with him for thirty years. Thinking about it, it was quite strange. The Fu family had all sorts of treasures. But this worthless and inconspicuous longevity pendant was passed down from generation to generation. And it was only passed down to the Di [born from the main, legitimate wife] eldest son. His mother’s generation had no male children, so it ended up in Wen Tian’s hands.

Wen Tian looked puzzled for a while. He concluded that he saw incorrectly earlier. He put the longevity pendant back on and went with Daifu to the main courtyard.

The lights were brightly lit in the main courtyard. Wen Tian looked in the main hall and saw two shadows behind the window.

He lowered his eyes and gathered himself. He slowly walked inside.

Fu Youqin was worried for a whole night. She thought he would be back by dinnertime. But even as the main door was shut, she still did not see her young son. She hurriedly rushed to get servants to search for him, but they couldn’t find where Wen Tian went.

When she saw Wen Tian, she hurriedly pulled him over. She patted his back heavily. She feigned anger and said, “Where did you go? What took you so long?” She then saw the white cloth on his palm. She couldn’t bear to reproach him any longer. She asked in distress, “What’s wrong with your hand?”

Wen Tian curled up his fingers and put his hand behind his back. Lowering his head, he lied, “I tripped on the street. The skin was scratched. It’s not serious.”

“Tomorrow is your jiejie’s [older sister, can be used to denote familiarity] wedding day. You’re still loitering around in the middle of the night. It’s unseemly if people find out.” Wen Boli, sitting in the main seat, berated.

Wen Tian’s body faintly shivered. He looked up at him faintly.

Wen Boli normally wore a plain robe. A white jade hat combed his hair up. His face was upright, with a cultured temperament. Even reproaching someone with anger, he did not look scary.

The townspeople of Sifang Town thought Wen Boli was a modest and kind gentleman. 

However, the Wen Tian who had experienced his previous life, thought he was ridiculous and hypocritical. He looked straight into Wen Boli’s eyes and asked lightly, “Is father worried about me or worried that I would ruin Wen family’s reputation?”

Wen Boli choked and looked at Wen Tian in disbelief. Wen Tian was pampered since childhood. He had a very soft and flexible personality. He also trusted and respected his father. Wen Boli never expected to hear such a question from Wen Tian.


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