You Can’t Be Fierce Towards Me! Chapter 2.2

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Tomorrow, when the Jiao family couldn’t find him, but finally pull him out from the brothel, should be enough to ruin this marriage.

Back at the pier, the old fisherman was still waiting there. The people got on the boat and under the moonlight, stealthily returned to Sifang Town.

In accordance with the agreement, Wen Tian gave the rest of the silvers to the three strong men. He thought and added ten move taels. “Don’t talk about tonight’s matters. Good job. I will look for you guys in the future.”

One night netted them thirty taels. They each get ten taels if it’s split three ways. It was enough for them to keep them merry for a long time.

The leader received the money. His attitude was more rpesctful than before. “Ye [lord, master] can rest assured. Us brothers won’t speak one word of what shouldn’t be said.”

Wen Tian nodded. He straightened his hat like before and shrunk his shoulders. He put his hands in his pockets and disappeared slowly into the night.

It was late. Wen fu’s [official residence] door was already closed. Wen Tian looked at the walls that were higher than his body. He threw down his bamboo hat, found a place to step on, and nimbly climbed up.

The wall wasn’t high, but the tiles were uneven. His hands were paining a bit. He was pampered and spoiled since childhood so his skin was more delicate than ordinary people’s. He experienced many years of his previous life’s homeless and miserable plight and couldn’t rid his fragility. It was just that he was able to endure it.

But this body now never suffered any hardships. His white, tender palm pressed against the sharp edge of a tile and drew a deep gash.

Red blood flowed from the wound. His palm throbbed in pain. Wen Tian gritted his teeth. He bore the pain and jumped down from the wall. Then he used the cloth around his neck to wrap around his hand and hurried back to his courtyard.

Daifu was dozing off at the door. Wen Tian lightened his footsteps. He took advantage of his dozing to slip in from the side into his house.

He couldn’t care about the wound on his hand. He hastily changed his clothes and combed up his messy hair. then Wen Tian looked in the mirror. Expect for his red eyes that seemed as if he cried, he looked exactly the same before he left the fu.

He breathed a sigh of relief. He then frowned and removed the cloth from his hand. The cloth was soaked with blood and glued tightly to the wound. When he removed it, Wen Tian was in so much pain, tears came to his eyes. He bit his lips hard and held back his tears. He wiped the bloodstains off his palm. He then used a trembling voice to call Daifu.

The Daifu who was dozing outside was startled. He hurriedly ran inside. “Gongzi [son of nobility], you’re finally back!”

The smile on his face wasn’t fully formed yet when he saw Wen Tian’s injury. He was so scared his voice changed. “Gongzi, what happened to your hand?!”

Wen Tian’s brain hurt from Daifu’s shout. Wiping off his tears with his sleeves, he said plaintively, “Get me a basin of hot water. Don’t disturb other people.”Daifu immediately covered his mouth and nodded carefully. He then ran like a rabbit into the kitchen. There was hot water boiling on the stove.


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