You Can’t Be Fierce Towards Me! Chapter 2.1

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Closing his eyes, Wen Tian took a deep breath to calm his violent emotions. “Come with me.”

He had been to Lehe Town a few times previously so he was fairly familiar with the terrain. Carrying the person to back of an alley, Wen Tian had the strong man shout for the brothel keeper. He had the other one buy some Jinfeng Powder from a pharmacy.

The red-light district’s Willow Alley’s pharmacy mostly sold sex-related drugs. The Jinfeng Powder Wen Tian requested had the strongest efficacy.

The man who bought the drug returned quickly. Wen Tian pulled out the cork and held Jiao Changxian’s chin up. He poured the whole bottle of Jinfeng Powder into his mouth. He wasn’t assured so he fed Jiao Changxian a sip of wine to make sure all of the drug was in his stomach.

 After he was done, the brothel keeper twisted her waist and came over.

She looked around at the group of people and asked smilingly, “These guests are looking for guniang [young girl, lady]?”

Wen Tian nodded. He took out a silver and put in her hands. “I want a room. And call some guniangs over.”

“Please come with me.” The brothel keeper looked swiftly at the unconscious Jiao Changxian. But the strong man was holding him up so she couldn’t see his face clearly. Then she looked at the silver in her hands. She smiled fawningly, twisted her body, and led the people inside.

The room was on the second floor. The brothel keeper brought several guniangs with satisfactory appearances in a line for Wen Tian to choose.

Wen Tian casually picked four of them to stay and the rest left.

Jiao Changxian had been thrown on top of the bed. It seemed the drug was working. From time to time, there was movement behind the red drapery. Wen Tian took out two silvers and put them on the table. “You four, serve the person inside well.”

The guniangs went forwards to accept the reward. Then they went towards the bed.

“Jiao gongzi [son of official or nobility, young sir]!” Two or three exclamations came from inside. Jiao Changxian was indeed a regular. Even casually-picked guniangs could recognize him.

After the surprised exclamations, sounds of bumping and pushing were heard. A moment later, the muffled sound of a body falling back on the bed came.

Wen Tian sat motionlessly guarding from outside. Lascivious movements came from inside in no time.

The three strong men listening repeatedly swallowed their saliva. Wen Tian sat there for a while. After ensuring nothing would go wrong, he quietly left with the people.

A whole bottle of Jinfeng Powder would let Jiao Changxian play for a whole day and night.


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