You Are Mine [你是我的人] [BL]

Author: Lu Tianyi 吕天逸

Status: Oneshot (Completely Translated)

Genres: Historical, Martial Arts, Shounen ai

A sweet, naïve young man hands out candy.


When Li Yuan picked up Ye Qingge on the side of the road, Ye Qingge was stacking gold ingots into a pyramid.  

As an impoverished new army recruit, Li Yuan felt that he had received unjustified damage.

Li Yuan: “This little brother.”

Ye Qingge rolled his eyes. “What?”

Li Yuan: “Aren’t you afraid you’ll meet bad people?”

Ye Qingge patted the sword at his waist. “Who dares to touch me?”

Li Yuan’s mood was very complicated as he measured Ye Qingge’s head. It was up to his waist and he had measured the high ponytail too.


Li Yuan was afraid that the little young master would encounter bad people, so he took him away.

Li Yuan: “Which family’s young master are you? I’ll send you back.”

Ye Qingge twisted his lips. “I’m not telling you.”

Li Yuan: “What’s your last name?”

Ye Qingge’s eyes turned. “My last name is Li.”

Li Yuan pondered for a moment. “You’re lying to me.”

Ye Qingge chuckled. He ran off to the yard with Li Yuan’s sword and stabbed it here and jabbed it there.


Thus, there was one big and one small person on the streets.

A handsome and honest young man carried a carved jade-like little doll in his arms.

Whatever the little doll wanted to do, the handsome young man would do.

Ye Qingge: “Go. Buy all of the candied hawthorns for this young master.”

Li Yuan: “I’m not going.”

Ye Qingge took out a gold ingot. “The rest of the money will be yours.”

Li Yuan: “……”

Soon, Li Yuan pushed the candied hawthorn cart with one hand and held Ye Qingge with his other hand. Ye Qingge ate until his face and hands were full of sugar and wiped them indiscriminately on Li Yuan. Li Yuan suppressed his anger and coaxed in a good-natured voice. “My little ancestor, what else do you want to buy?”

Ye Qingge blinked his big eyes. His sticky little hands touched Li Yuan’s face. “You.”

Li Yuan felt uncomfortable from the stickiness. “I’m a living person. How can you buy me?”

Ye Qingge snorted. “This young master wants to buy!”

Li Yuan clicked his tongue and didn’t bother with him.


Ye Qingge said earnestly, “You have to eat more meat and more rice.”

Li Yuan waved his empty bowl. “I ate three bowls already.”

Ye Qingge: “How is three bowls enough? You’re at the age when you’re growing.”

Li Yuan was amused. “Little kid, which one of us needs to grow?”

Ye Qingge handed him a chopstick of ribs. “You’re mine. I can’t let you under-eat.”

Li Yuan pinched Ye Qingge’s small face. “I’m Tiance Fu’s person.”

Ye Qingge: “You’re mine.”

Li Yuan: “Tiance Fu’s.”

Ye Qingge: “Mine!”

Li Yuan: “I’m not!”

Ye Qingge wailed. His chubby little hands hammered the table.

Li Yuan wasn’t angry anymore. He coaxed, “Okay, okay, okay. I’m yours. I’m yours.”


Li Yuan practiced with his spear in the yard. Ye Qingge sat on a stump and propped his chin up as he watched him. “You have to learn more martial arts, so you can protect me in the future.”

Li Yuan was amused. “I’m protecting Great Tang.”

Ye Qingge stomped his feet in anger. His little golden boots stamped out a sea of dust. “You’re mine. How can you think about someone else?! Who’s Great Tang?!”

Li Yuan walked over and pulled on his ponytail. “Okay. Don’t be angry.”

Ye Qingge pouted. “Huh!”

Li Yuan smiled. “I’ll protect you too.”


That day, Li Yuan was carrying the little young master and strolling around the streets like usual.

Ye Qingge suddenly buried his face into Li Yuan’s chest. “You…… Hurry and find a place to hide.”

Li Yuan looked up and saw several Zangjian disciples holding a portrait and making inquiries.

Li Yuan: “What is it?”

Ye Qingge: “Hurry up and hide!”

Li Yuan: “You’re Zangjian Villa’s little young master?”

Before Ye Qingge could reply, the few Zangjian disciples noticed them. They came over and surrounded Li Yuan.

Ye Qingge cried out, “I’m not going back with you!”

The Zangjian disciples: “Little young master, it’s really you. Master and Madam almost went crazy.”

Ye Qingge grabbed Li Yuan’s hair. “Don’t let them take me away.”

Li Yuan sighed. “How can I do that?”

Ye Qingge cried loudly. “You’re mine. You have to listen to me!”

Li Yuan patted his little head. “Be good. Don’t make a scene.”

Ye Qingge: “I’m making a scene!”

Li Yuan: “Be good. Go back and listen to your parents. Don’t sneak out anymore.”

Ye Qingge: “I’m sneaking out!”

Li Yuan clumsily coaxed him. “Be good. Be good.”

However, the little young master was still handed over to the Zangjian disciples.


Ten years passed in the blink of an eye.


Li Yuan met that Zangjian disciple in Jiugong Chess Valley.

Li Yuan didn’t know what spell that Zangjian disciple was under. He chased and fought Li Yuan from the east to the west and from the south to the north.

Li Yuan’s horse hadn’t eaten enough, so it didn’t run very fast. That Zangjian disciple caught up and fiercely brandished his sword at him.

Li Yuan: “Did you take the wrong medicine?”

The Zangjian disciple sneered: “Yes.”

Li Yuan: “Tch.”

The Zangjian disciple: “Did you not feed your horse?”

Li Yuan: “What does that have to do with you?”

The Zangjian disciple threw a gold ingot over. “Take it and buy horse feed. Feed your horse and then come back to fight me.”

Li Yuan looked at the gold ingot that landed in the grass. He was very conflicted for a while. He thought that there was no need to be on bad terms with money, so he coldly snorted and dismounted to pick it up. As he straightened, someone hugged him tightly from behind.


Li Yuan struggled for a while, but he couldn’t get free. “Let go!”

The Zangjian disciple’s voice sounded a little choked. “I’m not letting go. This young master wants to hug you.”

Li Yuan heard the words “young master” and grew furious. “Do you think just because you’re from Zangjian Villa, you’re a young master? I’ve seen Zangjian Villa’s real young master. He looks better than you. F*ck.”

The Zangjian disciple: “Better-looking than me?”

Li Yuan: “What? You’re not convinced?”

The Zangjian disciple reached out and turned his face around. “Look closer at me.”

Li Yuan blinked. “…… You aren’t…… him, right?”

The Zangjian disciple stomped his feet in anger. “You actually forgot my name!”

Li Yuan opened his mouth in disbelief. “Ye Qingge?”

Ye Qingge: “What do you think?!”

Li Yuan scratched his head in embarrassment. “You’re so big now?”

Ye Qingge glared at him and gnashed his teeth in anger.

Li Yuan sought death as he gestured to his waist. “You were only this tall……”

Before he finished speaking, Ye Qingge blocked his mouth with his lips.


Li Yuan’s face turned red. “What are you doing?”

Ye Qingge was also blushing. “Kissing you. What are you asking for?”

Li Yuan: “Hey. You little kid.”

Ye Qingge: “So what if I’m a little kid?”

Li Yuan chuckled. “You’re little, but you’re an imp.”

Ye Qingge whispered, “This young master is mature for his age.”

Li Yuan smiled. “Mature, eh?”

Ye Qingge: “I’m going to slash you.”

Li Yuan pinched his hand. “Don’t. You slashed too hard earlier. Let me rest.”


Ye Qingge: “This young master wants all of your Huangzhu Grass.”

The merchant: “Okay!”

Li Yuan patted his buckskin horse. “I only have this horse. It can’t eat so much.”

Ye Qingge: “You can ride any horse in the villa. Qinghai, Xifengshou, Lifeisha…… We have it all.”

When horses were mentioned, Li Yuan’s eyes shone bright.

Ye Qingge: “How about it? Want to marry into the villa?”

Li Yuan smiled and pinched Ye Qingge’s small pointed chin. “I’m the one marrying you.”

Ye Qingge swatted his hand away. “This young master is marrying you!”*

[In Chinese, the “marrying” in “a husband marrying a wife” is different from the “marrying” in “a wife marrying a husband.” Li Yuan and Ye Qingge are insisting that they’re the “husband marrying a wife.” i.e. claiming who’s the “husband.” :D]

Li Yuan lowered his voice. “Who cried out and called me ‘husband’ last night……?”

Ye Qingge’s neck stiffened. “I don’t know. Who was it?”

Li Yuan smiled wickedly. “A puppy did.”

Ye Qingge punched him. “Nonsense! Try scolding me again!”

Li Yuan dodged and shouted, “I’m not scolding you! You just admitted it yourself!”

Ye Qingge chased after him.


Ye Qingge chased after Li Yuan, who constantly called him “wife”. He really didn’t understand.

Li Yuan was only a teenager back then. He had bright eyes, white skin, and a face like jade. He was extremely handsome.

Ye Qingge had secretly wanted to buy him back to the villa to be his wife.

So, how did he end up accidentally selling himself?

This young master doesn’t understand.


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