Wife is Outrageous: His Evil Highness Comes Knocking Chapter 208 I’m Not Jealous

[I will post a few chapters to see if anyone still remembers this novel and still wants to read it. If there are enough views, likes, or support, I will pick this project up. ]

A trace of anger flashed in Yue Ziying’s beautiful eyes. Where did this wild girl come from? She didn’t even give her, the Junzhu, any face?!

No one dared to talk to her like this in Sea-Serpent Palace!

Huh! If she wasn’t Yue Chi’s sweetheart, she certainly wouldn’t let her off!

She was furious. “Adopted father, Yue Chi’s sweetheart is too unbridled. I……” She wanted to keep talking, but she saw that Yue Wushuang’s face was extremely gloomy. She froze and pulled on his sleeve. “Adopted father?”

Yue Wushuang’s hands tightly clenched in his sleeves. He coldly said, “Ziying, don’t talk nonsense about things that you don’t know. Girls shouldn’t talk about people behind their backs. Okay, you go back. I still have something to do. I won’t keep you company.”

Yue Ziying froze. She didn’t understand why her adopted father, who was so happy earlier, suddenly changed.

But Yue Wushuang had always been temperamental. Although he usually doted on her very much, she didn’t dare to easily provoke him.

She didn’t dare to disobey him even more. She could only bow and agree before leaving.


Sea-Serpent Palace didn’t seem like a palace. It looked more like a small city instead.

There was a large grove of flowers in the southwest corner of Sea-Serpent Palace. The flower was called “Yuqiong.”

The flower looked somewhat like cherry blossoms, but the color was transparent, like carved ice crystals. They slightly glowed. When the wind lightly blew, the flowers fell. It was a beautiful scene.

Qi Luoer and Yue Chi were sitting under the tree at this moment. There was a mat made of some unknown material covering the ground. Sea-Serpent Palace’s Yuqiong Wine and a few light dishes were on top of the mat.

The two people drank wine for a while and two pots of wine were consumed.

Yue Chi sighed. “Luoer, I didn’t expect that you can drink so much for a girl!”

Qi Luoer’s little face was flushed. Her eyes were as bright as stars. She smiled lazily when she heard Yue Chi. As a modern person, her capacity for liquor was originally not small.

Because of socializing, her drinking ability was already comparable to a big man’s.


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